Dental Coursework

Every dental school lists coursework that all prospective students must complete before entering medical school.  These course requirements vary from school to school.  It is your responsibility to research the schools you are most interested in and plan to meet their requirements.  Our prehealth coursework flowchart shows the progression of many of the prerequisite courses needed for dental schools.

Many schools list the following as required or recommended courses: 

Table 1: Commonly required and recommended courses

Subject Course Semester Offered Credits
Biology BIOL 1610 F 4
BIOL 1620 Sp 4
General Chemistry w/ lab CHEM 1210 and 1215 F, Sp 5
CHEM 1220 and 1225 F, Sp, Su* 5
Organic Chemistry w/ lab CHEM 2310 and 2315 F 5
CHEM 2320 and 2325 Sp 5
Biochemistry w/ lab CHEM 3700 and 3710 or  Sp 4
CHEM 5700 and 5710 and 5720 F, Sp 9
Physics w/ lab PHYS 2110 and 2120 or F, Sp 8
PHYS 2210 and 2215 and 2220 and 2225 F, Sp, Su 10
Cell Biology BIOL 5210 F 3
Microbiology BIOL 3300 F, Sp 4
Genetics BIOL 3060 F, Sp, Su 3
Human Anatomy BIOL 2320 Sp, Su 4
Human Physiology BIOL 2420 F, Sp, Su 4
Advanced Human Physiology BIOL 4600 Sp 5
English ENGL 1010 and 2010 or 2010 and 3040 F, Sp, Su 6

 *CHEM 1220 in the summer semester is an online course.  Many schools do not accept online courses as fulfilling prerequisites.


Keep in mind that these requirements vary from school to school. Some schools require other courses as well. Because of this, we strongly encourage you to make a spreadsheet, like the sample spreadsheet we have, to help you keep track of the prerequisites for the schools you are interested in.  Remember, you are trying to become a well-rounded individual, and gaining exposure to areas you know little about will be very important to your growth and development. Below is a listing of additional courses that students may find helpful:

Table 2: other helpful courses

Subject Course Semester Offered Credits
Bioethics BIOL 3100 Sp 3
Health Professions Orientation BIOL 1750 F 1
Pre-dental Observation and Orientation BIOL 2700 Sp, every other year 3
DAT Prep BIOL 1040 Sp 1
Undergraduate Research BIOL 5800 (or equivalent course in your major) F, Sp, Su 1-3
Intro to Health Communication CMST 3700 Sp 3
Social Sciences PSY 1010 F, Sp, Su 3
Medical Sociology SOC 3330 F 3
Spanish for Healthcare Professionals SPAN 3100 F 3