Current Commitee Info

If you have not already done so, please join the CANVAS Health Professions Advising by sending an e-mail to  She will need your name, A Number, and professional school of interest.

All committee materials will be provided and submitted through this site.  Completed packets are due the Friday after Fall semester finals.  

Your first interview, with Yvonne, may be scheduled as soon as all three of your letters of recommendation arrive at the advising office.  These interviews begin in mid-January.  At the conclusion of this interview, Yvonne will give you the names of your other two interviewers.  You will schedule those appointments yourself.  Once these interviews are complete, your part in the committee process is finished until it is time to upload the Committee letter.  


To pay the fees associated with the committee process, please visit the following links:

Virtual Eval Fee Payment - $15/application service used

Letter Writing Fee Payment - $65


For tips on the remaining portion of the application, please visit the following pages:

Medical school application tips

Dental school application tips