Optometry is the study of the structure, function, and disorders of the eye.  It is a doctorate level program requiring four years of school after you receive a bachelor's degree.  Two valuable resources are available to help you develop an increased understanding of the field of optometry and to know what you need to do to be a qualified applicant:

Associaton of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) 

Prerequisite Coursework

The coursework required for admission to optometry programs varies from school to school.  ASCO publishes a chart and a booklet that you can look at to determine what courses each school requires.  The booklet contains more information about each school and will be valuable in deciding where to apply. No specific major is required for admission to optometry school, but advice about choosing a major is available.


The Optometry Admissions Test is required for application to Optometry Schools.  It covers Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Math, and Reading Comprehension.

All of the US Optometry schools participate in a centralized application service, OPTOMCAS.  To learn about the application process or begin an application, visit their website.

Letter of recommendation requirements vary from school to school.  ASCO publishes a general list of each schools letter requirements, but you can get clearer instructions on each school's website.  Often, schools will request one letter from a practicing optometrist and at least one letter from a faculty member. In the event that your schools strongly recommend submitting a committee letter, the USU Prehealth Evaluation Committee is happy to provide a letter for any student who requests one.  For tips about asking for letters of recommendation, please visit our letters of recommendation page.

One of the most important parts of the application is the interview.  Be sure to prepare thoroughly!

Extracurricular Activities

It is important for every prehealth student to get involved in extracurricular activities that allow them to become familiar with the profession and demonstrate the character traits required to be a competent provider.  The optometry club is a great resource for all pre-optometry students and is a good way to begin getting involved in extracurricular activities.  For information about club events and how to get involved, e-mail usuopto@gmail.com.