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As a student in this department, your courses will be taught by faculty members who are at the top of their fields, and are interested in the development of each and every student. We offer several courses of study suitable to prepare students for a number of careers.  Undergraduate students choose to work toward a BS degree in either chemistry or biochemistry. Within the chemistry major, students can choose among several emphasis areas, including professional or environmental chemistry, life science, or chemical education. Many of our undergraduate students engage in mentored research, which puts them in touch with some of the exciting and modern developments in chemistry and biochemistry.  

Graduate students can complete masters or doctorate degrees in either biochemistry or chemistry by doing and publishing cutting-edge research, with ample opportunities to present their work at national conferences along the way.  We hold regular informational and professional development activities that are tailored to give our students an advantage in the job hunt, according to whether they plan to enter an academic or an industrial career. 

On our website you will find more information on our research, facilities, and programs.  We welcome visitors to the Department, and joining our Facebook page will help keep you up to date on current developments.

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