Chemistry Stores

Functioning as a retail business, Chemistry Stores serves the entire Utah State University Community.

Policies For Operations

In order to comply with state and federal regulations, the following policies apply:

  1. State appropriated funds and federal funds flow to the operation only in payment of legitimate charges.
  2. All expenditures from the service department's account are directly related to the operation of that service enterprise.
  3. Charge rates for services (labor, materials, equipment usage, etc.) are based on the cost to the service enterprise of providing such services.
  4. In the long run there is no accumulation of profits or losses in the service operation's fund balance.
  5. Consistent and equal rates are charged to all on-campus users, including those within related departments.
  6. Detailed records (invoices) are maintained documenting the charges to all users. Such invoices indicate dates, rates, hours, materials, etc.
  7. No charges are made in advance of services rendered.
  8. All payments are handled through the P-card OCC number system.

Chemical Transport Procedure

As per the Environmental Health and Safety office, all liquids and chemicals in glass bottles are only to be transported by vehicle to your office/laboratory by a trained Chemistry Stores employee or someone with the training listed below. You may make purchases in person, via the email or by telephone. Deliveries are made Monday through Friday between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. Orders must be placed four hours prior to the delivery time to schedule deliveries with Chemistry Stores employees. There is a minimum fee of $5.00 and a maximum of 10% or $10.00, whichever is cheaper. This means that if you come to Chemistry Stores and purchase chemicals to transport by vehicle you must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Up to date DOT or IATA training and a copy of the training for Chemistry Stores.
  2. Appropriate DOT packaging or over pack or DOT approved secondary container.
  3. Institutional or commercial vehicle.

Transporting items to your lab by foot are also allowed. One or more of the following criteria must be used when transporting liquids and chemicals in glass bottles by foot:

  1. A secondary container such as a rubber or plastic carrier.
  2. A sturdy cart with low shelving and a lip.
  3. A wagon.
  4. A handcart for boxed items.
  5. Over pack in appropriate boxes for chemicals.


Prices prevailing at the time of delivery will apply. Current prices will be furnished upon request. A select few (usually non-scientific) items are stocked for convenience only. On these items, competitive pricing may be difficult yet a reasonable effort is made to be competitive on all items.

Itemized Stock Catalogs

Dry Ice is available for purchase. Please come see us in Widtsoe 129 for a key. The following catalogs for chemicals and lab supplies display all primary stock items:

Stock Chemicals

Stock Lab Supplies

Special Orders

Special orders from Chemistry Stores customers are placed to the vendor on the same day they are received. The special orders can be delivered; or the customers are notified on the same day shipments arrive. Chemistry Stores maintains open accounts with several vendors enabling rapid turnaround time on orders. Discounts can be applied depending on such factors as quantity purchased, age of stock, or condition of stock item, etc.

Special Order Form


Chemistry Stores provides glassblowing services for all University departments. The glassblowing shop provides assistance in securing special apparatus not stocked and/or not normally available. Many specialty items can be secured by the glassblowing facility at less cost and often faster than if purchased from glass companies. Needless delay can be avoided if a rough sketch is included with the work order which gives some indication of dimensions and tolerances necessary. Special orders are non-returnable. 

When breakage occurs to some portion of an item, it is very often possible to repair the item at considerable savings. Incoming used material should be very clean. Work will be handled on a first come, first server basis. Payment is handled through the P-card OCC number system. Borosilicate and quartz glass are handled.


Chem Stores products are not for any cosmetic, drug or house hold application. Our acceptance of purchase number or payment is with the assumption that only qualified individuals, trained and familiar with procedures suitable to the products ordered, will handle them. On our customers must rest the entire burden of safe storage, handling, transportation, and application of all products purchased from this catalog.

Departmental Safety Manual

Please refer to the Departmental Safety Manual for further information concerning chemical use and incident reporting.

Department Safety Manual