Advisory Boards

The interdisciplinary team that guides CAS

External Advisory Board

Carmen Bailey
carmen bailey
Deputy Director of Operations, Public Lands Department Salt Lake City Corporation


Emile Elias
emile elias
Director and Research Hydrologist, USDA Southwest Climate Hub


Dan Williams
dan williams
Research Social Scientist & Assistant Station Director, USDA Rocky Mountain Research Station
Organizational Learning & Resiliency


Internal Advisory Board

Diane Alston
diane alston
Integrated Pest Management, Insect Field Ecology, Plant-Pest and Multiple Pest Interactions


Patrick Belmont
patrick belmont
Watershed Sciences
Erosion & Sedimentation with Application to Watershed Restoration & Management


Ryan Bosworth
ryan bosworth
Applied Economics
Environmental/Health Economics, Education Economics, Applied Micro-econometrics


Judson Finley
judson finley
Sociology & Anthropology
Quaternary Paleoecology of Western North America; Rockshelter and Cave Sedimentary Records; Obsidian and Ceramic Artifact Geochemistry; Ceramic Petrography


Paul G. Johnson
paul johnson
Plants, Soils & Climate
Turfgrass Management and Genetics


Marv Halling
marv halling
Civil & Environmental Engineering & Water Research Lab
Structural Engineering



Karen Mock
karen mock
Wildland Resources

Joel Pederson
joel pederson
Geomorphology, Landscape Evolution 


Claudia Radel
claudia radel
Environment & Society
Human-environment Geography, Political Ecology, Migration, & Gender



John Stevens
john stevens
Mathematics & Statistics
Bioinformatics, Meta-analysis, Applied Statistics in Agricultural and Biomedical Sciences