Communicating Science Series

An interdisciplinary series where we explore how to communicate science effectively

How does CAS approach science communication?

CAS trainees are encouraged to present research ideas and results effectively in writing, in oral presentation, and via use of one other medium such as radio, internet, social media, or an informal outreach venue. By distilling the societal relevance of research for conversation with a variety of audiences, including policy-makers, the general public, K-12 students and teachers, and specific stakeholder groups, our trainees are required to reach beyond the academy when communicatin the results of their research projects.

Once we can hold in-person meetings, all presentations will be held in the USU Merrill-Cazier Library, Room 154 from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm. Masks are required for all in-person meetings.

Past presentations

Richie Call
richie call
Professor of Acting and Creative Director of the Lyric Repertory Company
Presentation on 2/5/2020: Communicating Truthfully and With a Purpose

Steve Daniels
steve daniels
Professor, Community Resource and Economic Development Statewide specialist, USU Extension
Presentation on 1/9/2020: An Inside-Out Look at the Use of Science in Policy Formation: Drawing Parallels Between the Northwest Forest Plan and Climate Politics.

Nicole Allen
nicole allen
Professor of Communication Studies
Presentation on 11/6/2019: Shifting Genre: Accommodating Scientific Findings to Popular Audiences

Adrianne Moore
adrienna moore
Professor of Theatre
Presentation on 4/17/2019: Your Magical Voice: Vocal techniques for successful communication

Jennifer Pemberton
jennifer pemberton
Public Radio Editor, Alaska's Energy Desk & KTOO
Presentation on 3/20/2019: The Big Thaw: Alaskans Tell the Story of Climate Change from their Front Row Seat

Rachel Hager
rachel hager
QCNR Graduate Student, UPR Science Reporter
Presentation on 2/27/2019: The Role of Social Media to Create Accessible, Effective, and Engaging Science Communication

Gary Machlis
gary machlis
Professor of Environmental Sustainability, Clemson University
Presentation on 2/13/2019: Communicating Science During Crises

Beth Shirley
beth shirley
PhD Candidate in Technical Communication and Rhetoric, Presidential Doctoral Research Fellow
Presentation on 1/16/2019: Connecting your Audience to your Science

Rob Davies
rob davies
Science Storyteller
Presentation on 11/14/2018

Jason Williams
jason williams
Radio Host, KVNU For the People
Presentation on 10/10/2018: Science, Public Policy and Changing Newsrooms

Ricardo Ramirez
ricardo ramirez
USU Extension Entomologist
Presentation on 9/12/2018: Communicating in Extension

Star Coulbrooke
star coulbrooke
Logan City Poet Laureate and USU Writing Center Director
Presentation on 3/28/2018: Communicating Science Through Creative Writing

Kerry Bringhurst
kerry bringhurst
Utah Public Radio
Presentation on 2/21/2018

Holly Strand
holly strand
Science Communication Specialist
Presentation on 1/24/2018

Carston Meier
carston meier
Department of Art and Design
Presentation on 11/15/2017

Jennifer Peeples
jennifer peeples
Department of Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies
Presentation on 10/18/2017

Ed Stafford
ed stafford
Department of Management
Presentation on 9/13/2017

Michelle Baker & Mark Burnson
baker & brunson
Utah State University Faculty
Presentation on 4/26/2017: Translational Ecology: Communicating Science for Action

Steve Kent
steve kent
The Herald Journal City Editor
Presentation on 4/12/2017: Appealing to Editors: Inside the Mindset of an Endangered Species

Star Coulbrooke, Shaun Anderson, and Millie Tullis
star coulbrooke
USU Writing Center
Presentation on 3/15/2017: Make it Creative; Make it Relatable

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