Our Commitment to Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity

CAS Inclusivity Statement

The Climate Adaptation Science (CAS) Program is committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity in our curriculum, classrooms, and beyond. We welcome Diversity, the variety of experiences, values, and perspectives that reflect our diverse financial situations, race, ethnicity, gender, culture, religion, language, ability, sexuality, legal status, age, national origin, and other factors. We support Inclusion through our respect for diverse perspectives and backgrounds. We seek Equity through our commitment to social justice and recognition of historical and current injustices.

We recognize that systemic oppression, uneven challenges, and unequal opportunities occur in our society, in science, and in our university. We strive to listen to and learn from all, to break down barriers to participation and achievement, and to work for an inclusive and diverse student body, faculty, and interdisciplinary CAS community.

We affirm our commitment to recognize you as the individuals you are and to support as best we can your paths to your personal and professional goals.

Resources for Inclusivity & Support At and Near USU-Logan:

CAS Leadership Team Signatories

Nancy Huntly
Sarah Null
Michelle Baker
James A Lutz
Sarah Klain
Mark Brunson
Jessica Schad
Patrick Belmont
Geno Schupp
Courtney Flint
Peter Howe
Simon Wang 
Anastasia Thayer
Britta Schumacher
Kezia Manlove
David Feldon
Thad Nichols