Program Faculty

CAS Program Faculty & the CAS Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Michelle Baker
michelle baker
Biology & Ecology Center
Aquatic Ecosystem Ecology & Biogeochemistry

Patrick Belmont
patrick belmont
Watershed Sciences
Hydrology and Geomorphology

Mark Brunson
mark brunson
Environment & Society
Social-ecological Systems

David Feldon
david feldon
Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences
Development of Expertise, Cognition, & Assessment

Courtney Flint
courtney flint
Sociology, Social Work & Anthropology, & Ecology Center
Natural Resource & Community Sociology

Luis F. Gordillo
luis gordillo
Mathematics & Statistics
Applied Mathematics

Peter Howe
peter howe
Environment & Society
Human-Environment Geography

Nancy Huntly
nancy huntly
Biology, & Ecology Center
Biodiversity, Human Ecology, Herbivory, Food Webs & Networks

Sarah Klain
sarah klain
Environment & Society
Cultural Ecosystem Services, Renewable Energy Landscapes

James Lutz
james lutz
Wildland Resources
Forest Ecology & Fire Ecology

Kezia Manlove
kezia manlove

Wildland Resources & Ecology Center

Thad Nicholls
thad nicholls
Ecology Center Program Coordinator
Background in Geosciences and Coral Reef Ecology

Sarah Null
sarah null
Watershed Sciences
Watershed Sciences

Donald Penman
donald penman
Paleoceanography, Sedimenology , Geochemistry

Sasha Reed
sasha reed
Southwest Biological Science Center
Biochemistry & Ecosystem Ecology

Jessica Schad
jessica schad
Sociology, Social Work, & Anthropology 
Rural and Agricultural Populations Survey Methodology, Community Theory and Analysis, Rural Sociology, & Population Studies

Geno Schupp
geno schupp
Wildland Resources & Ecology Center
Plant Population Ecology, Restoration Ecology, Rare & Invasive Plants

Britta Schumacher
britta schumacher
CAS Senior Program Assistant
Background in Data Science and US Agriculture

Anastasia Thayer
anastasia thayer
Applied Economics
Climate Change Economics, Resource Economics, Agricultural Economics

Shih-Yu (Simon) Wang
simon wang
Plants, Soils, & Climate
Climate Change, Extreme Weather, Climate Events, Hydrological Cycles

Program Faculty

Peter Adler
peter adler
Wildland Resources, & Ecology Center
Plant Population & Community Ecology

Trisha Atwood
trisha atwood
Watershed Sciences & Ecology Center
Community & Ecosystem Ecology

Karen Beard
karen beard
Wildland Resources
Conservation Ecology & Invasion Ecology

Noelle Beckman
moelle beckman
Biology & Ecology Center
Theoretical and Spatial Plant Ecology, Plant/animal/microbe Interactions, & Seed Dispersal

Janice Brahney
janice brahney
Watershed Sciences
Biogeochemistry & Paleolimnology

Roslynn Brain McCann
rosylynn brain mccann
Environment & Society
Fostering Environmental Behavior

Phaedra Budy
phaedra budy
Watershed Sciences
Watershed Science

Rob Davies
rob davies
Physics, & Ecology Center
Communicating Planetary Boundaries, the Anthropocene, and Complex & Sustainable Systems

Tom Edwards
tom edwards
Wildland Resources
Wildland Resources

Susannah French
Biology & Ecology Center
Physiological Ecologist

Jennifer Givens
jennifer givens
Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology
Environmental, Global, & Comparative Sociology, Political Economy & Development

Zach Gompert
zach gompert
Evolutionary Genetics & Genomics

Edd Hammill
edd hammill
Watershed Sciences & Ecology Center
Conservation Planning & Land Management

Charles (Chuck) Hawkins
chuck hawkins
Watershed Sciences & Ecology Center
Aquatic Ecology, Freshwater Biodiversity, & Environmental Assessment

Larry Hipps
larry hipps
Plants, Soils, & Climate
Meteorology/Climatology, & Land-Atmosphere Interactions

Daniella Hirschfeld
daniella hirschfeld
Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning 
Community resilience, Landscape Strategies for Climate Adaptation, & Disaster Mitigation and Planning

Jeffery S. Horsburgh
jeffrey horsburgh
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Hydroinformatics, Surface Water Quality, & Hydrology

Paul Jakus
paul jakus
Applied Economics
Environmental and Regional Economics, & Public Lands Analysis

Scott Jones
scott jones
Plants, Soils, & Climate
Environmental Soil Physics & Instrumentation

Karin Kettenring
karin kettenring
Watershed Sciences, & Ecology Center
Wetland Plant Ecology, Restoration, & Management

Man-Keun Kim
man-keun kim
Applied Economics
Regional Economics, & Resource and Environmental Economics

Andrew Kulmatiski
andrew kulmatiski
Wildland Resources, & Ecology Center
Plant-soil Interactions

Belize Lane
belize lane
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Surface Hydrology, Geomorphology, & Water Resources Management

Man Li
man li
Applied Economics
Land-use Based Sustainable Development, Water Resource Management, Rural Migration, and Climate Change, Mitigation, and Adaptation


Daniel MacNulty
daniel macnulty
Wildland Resources
Animal Behavior, Population Biology, Predator-prey Interactions, Large Mammal Conservation & Management

Laurie McNeill
laurie mcneill
Civil & Environmental Engineering & Water Research Lab
Drinking Water Treatment

Christopher Monz
christopher monz
Environment & Society
Recreation Ecology, Park & Protected Area Management

Beth Neilson
beth neilson
Civil & Environmental Engineering & Utah Water Research Laboratory
Surface Water Quality & Hydrology


Richard Peralta
richard peralta
Civil & Environmental Engineering & Utah Water Research Laboratory
Groundwater Management & Systems Analysis

James Powell
james powell
Statistics, & Biology
Modeling, Mathematical Ecology, Model Competition, Dispersal & Spatial Structure in Populations

Claudia Radel
claudia radel
Environment & Society
Human-environment Geography, Political Ecology, Migration, & Gender

Ricardo Ramirez
ricardo ramirez
Agro-Ecology, Integrated Pest Management

David Rosenburg
david rosenberg
Civil & Environmental Engineering & Utah Water Research Laboratory
Water Resources Management, Systems Analysis, Water Conservation & Planning

Jordan Smith
jordan smith
Environment & Society
Outdoor Recreation & Natural Resource Economics

John Stark
john stark
Biology, & Ecology Center
Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology, & Soil Biogeochemistry

David Stevens
david stevens
Civil & Environmental Engineering & Utah Water Research Laboratory
Surface Assessment, Mathematical Modeling, & Statistics

David Tarboton
david tarboton
Civil & Environmental Engineering, & Utah Water Research Laboratory
Surface Water, Information Systems, Modeling, Terrain Analysis, & Snow Hydrology

Kari Veblen
kari veblen
Wildland Resources, & Ecology Center
Rangeland Ecology & Plant Community Ecology

Joe Wheaton
joe wheaton
Watershed Sciences, & Ecology Center
Fluvial Geomorphology, Biogeomorphology, Watershed Management, & Beaver Ecology

Peter Wilcock
peter wilcock
Watershed Sciences
Erosion and Sedimentation, Watershed Restoration and Management

Larissa Yocom
larissa yocom
Wildland Resources
Fire & Forest Ecology, & Management

Matt Yost
matt yost
Plants, Soils and Climate
Agroclimate, Water Optimization, Precision Agriculture, & Soil Health

Wei Zhang
wei zhang
Plant, Soils, & Climate, & Ecology Center
Drought/Flood, Precipitation, Hurricanes, Climate Modeling, Climate Dynamics and Climate Change