Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Updates and Resources for Our Community

Up-to-date information is primarily sent to "preferred" email addresses in the Banner system and through the Utah State Safe app.

Information about COVID-19 is available in other languages through the Utah Department of Health.

Recent Updates as of September 22, 2020

USU Case Counts

Case counts include those who self-reported to the university, cases identified through testing on the Logan campus, and cases the university has received notice of through local health departments. It includes students, faculty, and staff at USU campuses and centers across the state and those who may be working or learning remotely.

New cases include those reported since the dashboard was last updated (usually by daily by noon, Monday through Friday). Active cases include those who tested positive within the last three weeks and represent the current infection situation in campus communities. Fall semester cases are those reported during fall semester. Total cases include all individuals with a positive COVID-19 test throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Case counts for students are separated into those who self-identified in the COVID Questionnaire as living on-campus in Logan, Price, or Blanding. All other students are assumed to have been living off-campus housing at the time of their test. 

Reported since 9/21/20 New Active Fall Semester
(Aug. 31 - Dec. 31)
Total Cases
(since March 2020)
Student On-campus  +6 58 60 62
  Off-campus +7 207 231 290
Faculty  0 0 0 8
Staff +1 8 12 30
Totals +14 273 303 390

COVID-19 Questionnaire

Fill out the questionnaire if you are ill and are getting tested, waiting on test results, received a positive COVID-19 test result, have had close contact with an individual who has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, or if you have been asked to quarantine or isolate. Even if you are working with your local health department, please fill out the questionnaire, so USU officials may respond quickly to provide needed services or identify areas of our campuses that need additional attention.

Submit the COVID-19 Questionnaire

Share your Covid-19 Concerns

All students, employees, and visitors are expected to follow USU's COVID-19 prevention practices and policies in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in our campus communities. If you have a concern about on-campus behavior or activities or about your department operation plan or practices, please share your concern with USU officials. You may remain anonymous.