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USU's Logan campus is in an area the state of Utah has designated as having a High Level of Transmission. This requires limiting private social gatherings to 10 people or fewer and wearing masks in all indoor public settings, as well as outside when social distancing is not feasible. USU Eastern and USU Blanding are in areas of Moderate Level of Transmission, where gatherings should be limited to 25 people. Mask requirements are the same.

Recent Updates as of March 1, 2021

USU Case Counts

Case counts include those who self-reported to the university, cases identified through testing on the Logan campus, and cases the university has received notice of through the Utah Department of Health. It includes students, faculty, and staff at USU campuses and centers across the state and those who may be working or learning remotely.

Case Count Definitions

New cases include those reported since the dashboard was last updated (usually by daily by noon, Monday through Friday). Active cases include those who tested positive within the last two weeks. Spring semester cases are those reported Jan. 1 through May 7. Total cases include all individuals with a positive COVID-19 test throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Case counts for students are separated into those who self-identified in the COVID Questionnaire as living on-campus in Logan, Price, or Blanding. All other students are assumed to have been living off-campus housing at the time of their test. 

Last Updated on 
March 1, 2021
New Active* Spring
(since Jan. 1, 2021)
Total Cases
(since March 2020)
Student On-campus  +2 10 103 620
  Off-campus +3 45 411 1979
Faculty 0 3 13 71
Staff 0 8 114 376
Totals +5 66 641 3046

*The active case count has been changed to show cases reported within the previous two weeks in order to be consistent with the definition used by the Utah Department of Health in K-12 school case counts.

USU 7 days Covid case trend
Campus New Active
Logan +3 59
Eastern +1 4
Blanding 0 0
Statewide +1 3

Share your Covid-19 Concerns

All students, employees, and visitors are expected to follow USU's COVID-19 prevention practices and policies in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in our campus communities. If you have a concern about on-campus behavior or activities or about your department operation plan or practices, please share your concern with USU officials. You may remain anonymous.

Share a COVID-19 related concern

COVID-19 Questionnaire

Fill out the questionnaire if you:  are experiencing symptoms, have tested positive for COVID-19, have been exposed to someone who tested positive, or if you have been asked to quarantine by health officials.