Working Remotely

Video Conference Meetings

USU has directed community members to use remote meetings whenever possible to avoid face-to-face opportunities for spreading COVID-19 in the community. 

USU supports two forms of virtual technologies used to conduct live meetings and events, Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) and Zoom. The following considerations need to be reviewed to determine whether to use Interactive IVC or Zoom for meetings.

  • IVC: If you are able to schedule classrooms or conference rooms at our USU locations for all participants
  • Zoom: If participants have access to an adequate computer, network, or phone can join from remote locations. 
  • Microsoft Teams: This is a good option for employees working together, but is not recommended or supported for use by faculty for academic/classroom/student communication. Learn more.

Academic and Instructional Service employees and the IT Service Desk are on-hand to assist faculty and staff with the technologies. Contact information can be found on the respective IVC and Zoom websites.

Instant Messaging Resources

Cybersecurity While Working Remotely

All employees should review Best Practices for accessing university applications and data when working remotely. Learn more.  

Forwarding Phones

Faculty and staff who are working remotely can forward their office phone to a mobile number to receive calls as quickly as possible using the following steps..