Student COVID CARE Team

The CARE Team works with students to provide resources and support while students quarantine or isolate. To access this help, fill out the COVID-19 Questionnaire. Once you complete the questionnaire, the COVID CARE Team is notified about the student’s preferred contact method, their location, and other pertinent details to help determine needs.

CARE Team Representatives

The COVID CARE Team includes representatives from the following university offices:

  • Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Statewide Campuses
  • Disability Resource Center
  • Office of the Provost
  • Student Transition and Orientation Services
  • Registrar
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Student Health and Wellness Center
  • Financial Aid
  • Housing
  • Residence Life
  • Dining Services
  • Emergency Management
  • IT/Tech Support
  • Ad Hoc Members: Athletics, Office of Global Engagement, Office of Research, Academic Advising, The Inclusion Center, and others as needed.

Services Offered 

The COVID CARE Team provides support and resources to students living both on and off campus. The team reaches out to students who are in quarantine or isolation to discuss student needs and options. Services could include: academic accommodations facilitated by the Disability Resource Center, meal delivery for students living in on-campus housing, community resources available to those living off campus, and physical and mental health support. 

The COVID CARE Team will reach out to students at least once weekly for the duration of their quarantine/isolation in an effort to provide ongoing support, and to ensure their resource needs are met. If you have been asked to isolate or quarantine, you must follow the isolation/quarantine guidelines.

If you need to request additional services or accommodations through the COVID CARE Team, please update your COVID-19 Questionnaire.

Report Self-Isolation & Testing

If you have been tested for COVID-19 or asked to self-isolate or quarantine, please fill out the self-isolation questionnaire.