Classroom Accommodations

In accordance with USU’s Attendance and Excused Absence policy and extenuating efforts to address COVID-19’s impact on teaching and learning, the following information will guide faculty in their management of students whose education is being interrupted by COVID-19.

When a student is identified through the university case containment processes or through the COVID-19 Questionnaire two types of communications are sent to faculty from the university’s COVID CARE Team for the purpose of facilitating academic accommodations.

For Students Well Enough to Participate

When a student has been asked to self-isolate or quarantine by the case containment team, instructors whose course includes a face-to-face component will receive notice that the student needs to participate remotely. This student will also appear on the Canvas COVID Accommodations Dashboard. 

Remote Participation Option

If the instructor’s course already allows for remote participation (either by video conferencing [Zoom], recorded lectures, or online course content), then no accommodations are required for the student other than being excused from mandatory face-to-face attendance.

Face-to-Face Only

If the course does not currently provide a remote learning option, faculty may provide a remote learning option or apply the excused absence policy. CIDI is available to help develop remote teaching and learning content.

The university’s Attendance and Excused Absence policy will also apply:

…the instructor must provide the student an opportunity to make up any quiz, exam, or other work that contributes to the final grade or provide a satisfactory alternative by a date agreed on by the student and instructor.

If attendance is fundamental to the course and no accommodation can be made, the instructor must notify the COVID CARE Team

USU Faculty Acoomidations flowchart

For Students Too Ill to Participate

Students whose symptoms are preventing the completion of course work may request academic accommodations through the COVID CARE Team, who contacts the instructor to make arrangements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What if I am contacted by a student before being contacted by the COVID CARE Team?

      A 3-day “excused” period can be provided to the student from face-to-face course activity to allow time to report to the USU CARE Team via the COVID-19 Questionnaire. Please remind the student that the COVID-19 Questionnaire submission is required in order to receive on-going accommodations. This policy is consistent with the excused absence section of the University’s Attendance and Excused Absences policy.

      Below is an example email that you can send to the student(s), asking them to complete the COVID-19 Questionnaire so that you (the instructor) will be officially notified of the student’s request.

Dear _____________________ (student):

Thank you for your recent email informing me of your situation. In order to ensure that you receive the appropriate accommodation for COVID-19 related challenges, the University requires you to fill out the COVID-19 Questionnaire. Upon doing so, the University COVID CARE Team will contact you to determine your needs and how to support you during this difficult time. The CARE Team will also contact your instructors and provide important direction on how best to accommodate your needs.

USU cares about your well-being, and I hope you will complete the COVID-19 Questionnaire as soon as possible so you can receive support and continue your semester.


__________________________ (instructor)

  1. How do I know if my student still needs accommodations?

    Faculty will be notified by email when a student has been cleared to return to the classroom. The COVID Accommodation Dashboard will also reflect the students ability to attend class in person.

  2. Should I consider changing my course delivery type to accommodate students?

    Faculty should not permanently alter their course delivery method unless approved by the department head, dean, and Provost’s Office.

  3. What if I am contacted by a student about a non-COVID-19 condition?

    Instructors can use the University’s Attendance and Excused Absence policy to guide them in responding to non-COVID related accommodation requests. Students who have an illness longer in duration should be referred to the Disability Resource Center to arrange accommodations.

  4. What academic support options can I share with my student(s)?

    Instructors should direct students to the USU-Ready webpage for Student Academic Support.

  5. A student in my class said they were self-isolating or quarantining for COVID-19. What should I tell the student?

    Tell the student they must fill out the COVID-19 Questionnaire so the university can reach out about academic accommodations or other services.