COVID-19 Prevention Signage

Use USU-Approved Prevention Signage

State leaders have called on all Utahns to play a role in stopping the spread of COVID-19 by following public health guidelines. Signage helps to remind individuals about their personal responsibility in protecting our community and is required by the state’s Phased Guidelines.

All university offices and departments should use the signage provided for download below to ensure consistency in communications and compliance with state guidelines. These are provided in multiple sizes and formats and a Spanish version is available as a flyer. If you need additional signage or have questions, email

How to Use Prevention Signage

Utah’s Phased Guidelines require posting of symptom-checking and prevention hygiene signage. Additional signage may be required for specific areas of campus. The signage below is provided in multiple formats and sizes based on your needs. 

Poster Format

Both the prevention precautions and symptoms signage should be displayed on all exterior building doors in the poster (11x17) format.

Flyer Format

Both the prevention precautions and symptoms signage should be displayed on all interior office or department doors in the flyer (8.5x11) format.

POM Format

This large format can be used at particularly busy entrances or areas with heightened risk.

Yard Sign

This format can be used for events, activities to place throughout outdoor spaces.

TV/Digital Signage

This format should be on all digital signage screens throughout all USU campuses.

Floor Decals

Several floor stickers have been provided to help show traffic direction, indicate where to wait, and social distancing. USU's PDP service is able to print decals for different flooring. For printing options, visit the PDP website.

Prevention and Precaution Signage

Stay Home if You Have Symptoms Signage

Floor Decals

Approved USU floor decals to indicate social distancing and direction of walking traffic should be ordered directly through PDP. You only need to indicate which signs you want to print. 

How to Wash Your Hands

This flyer can be printed to post in all areas where handwashing is specifically required or encouraged: over sinks, in restrooms, and in labs.