All nonessential university-related travel is canceled until June 1, 2020. This includes all professional development and conference travel. Essential travel will be determined by vice presidents and deans.

When to Self-Isolate After Travel

There is widespread ongoing transmission throughout the world and in the United States, and everyone should avoid nonessential travel, even for personal reasons. If you have traveled internationally or to a state that has a major disaster declaration, you must stay home and self-isolate for 14 days upon your return. Please report that you are self-isolating and/or if you have had a COVID-19 test through the COVID-19 Questionnaire.

University-Related Travel

Please follow these guidelines for university-related travel:

  • Travel within the state is discouraged. Use IVC and Webex as much as possible to facilitate these meetings.
  • Deans and VPs will review plans for bringing visiting scholars, speakers, and consultants to campus and postpone anything not essential to the core mission of teaching and learning.
  • All employees and students must complete the travel registration survey to document planned and recent travel, whether it is personal or university-related. If individuals travel, either for university business or personal reasons, internationally or to areas with community spread in the U.S. (New York, California, Washington), they may be asked to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • For job interviews, supervisors should discuss options for avoiding travel for the benefit of all parties.
  • The International Travel Oversight Committee and Global Engagement will continue to stay in contact with students out on study abroad and will continue to review these situations case by case.

International Travel

USU officials are monitoring COVID-19 to evaluate its potential impact on the campus community, including community members traveling. As part of this effort, USU is monitoring CDC travel guidance, the U.S. State Department’s travel advisories, and International SOS risk assessments to advise USU travelers currently on, or planning future university-related domestic or international travel including: study abroad, conferences, or research assignments.

Complete the Travel Registration Survey

If you plan to travel for personal reasons or traveled in the last 14 days, you MUST fill out USU's travel registration survey, regardless of whether you traveled to out of state to a domestic or international location.

  • Students and employees in countries with travel restrictions must return home as soon as possible. USU has canceled all travel.
  • Students on study abroad are being brought home as quickly as possible. To discuss options to complete academic requirements, reach out to Monika Galvydis.
  • Students on international spring break trips are also returning home as quickly as possible.

All USU community members traveling internationally on university-related business, research, or studies, must follow Policy 536, even if this travel is not directly funded by the university. This policy also applies to students when they are registered for academic credit or engaged in academic experiences related to the travel. Travelers registered in USU's international travel registry are covered by International SOS insurance. International SOS has medical centers around the world with 24/7 medical staff available, and those traveling are encouraged to contact this organization if they face medical issues.

  1. Check USU's travel restrictions.
  2. Submit a Travel Authorization prior to travel for each person traveling.
  3. Register with the university’s travel registry so USU can track your location in the event of an emergency. When you register with this travel registry, you will be provided access to USU’s travel assistance mobile app, AlertTraveler. Among other things, the AlertTraveler app provides real-time destination alerts that are pushed to you and your travelers so you can make informed decisions.Those already traveling internationally should ensure they are also enrolled in the university's travel registry.
  4. Complete a mandatory pre-departure orientation approved by the International Travel Oversight Committee. To register for this pre-departure orientation, please contact risk management at
  5. Participate in the USU International Travel Assistance and Insurance Program or an equivalent program approved by the International Travel Oversight Committee.
  6. In addition, if you will carry items, technology, or information subject to Export Compliance, you must obtain assistance from the Division of Research Integrity and Compliance prior to travel.

Campus Contacts for Travelers

Study Abroad in Global Engagement Monika Galvydis (Program Director) (435) 797-1253
Huntsman School of Business (SEED) Andy Thunell (Global Learning Director) (435) 797-1107
Faculty and Staff (traveling on USU business or research) Jarrod Larsen (Risk Management Coordinator (435) 797-1951