Student COVID-19 FAQ

Updates on Classes 
Get the latest information about classes from the USU Registrar. 

Where can I seek health care right now?

The Health Center is continuing to provide medical, psychiatry and counseling care to students through telehealth. The center will also continue to offer in-person urgent care services for non-COVID issues, but these patients are first prescreened through a telehealth consultation with a provider. To schedule any appointment, please call 435-797-1660 or book online at USU Student Health does not provide COVID-19 testing. Learn more about testing.

Where can I get help for increased anxiety right now?

USU will continue to provide mental health services. In-person and group therapy are being provided through telehealth. Learn more about how to access services at USU campuses.

Have fees changed for summer with classes online or remote?

There are several different kinds of fees – a new online $15/credit course fee that supports digital technologies for fully online classes, course fees that cover the costs associated with specific courses, and student fees that differ by campus.

  • Online course fee: With all courses being offered online or remotely for the first 7-week and 14-week sessions, the new fee of $15 per credit for online courses has been suspended for summer 2020.
  • Course fees: These fees cover the costs of a specific class and may differ during this time beginning summer 2020 as course activities may change.
  • Student fees: Many services supported by student fees are still available to students, and student fee revenue has been redirected to develop and support online or remote delivery of services. For those that cannot be offered virtually, particularly for students who are studying remotely – shuttle or building fees – the costs of the facilities and infrastructure supported by these fees remain even when fewer students are on campus. Keeping fees in place ensures we can continue to offer these services when we provide face-to-face classes once the current crisis is over. 

If I am living out of state due to COVID-19, how will that affect my residency status?

Residency requirements are set by the Utah System of Higher Education, but they have indicated that COVID-19 restrictions will not negatively impact residency. USU’s residency officers will look at the information a student submits to show whether the student would have been in Utah had it not been for COVID-19. A student taking an online class that would normally be offered in person over the summer will be taken as proof that that student would have been in Utah had it not been for COVID-19 and will be counted towards residency. Students will still need to meet the other requirements of a driver’s license, taxes, voter and vehicle registration. Please direct specific questions about residency to

Can students live on campus this summer and fall?

USU is booking rooms for summer and fall. Visit to learn more and book a room.

What is the plan for fall 2020 classes?

For fall semester, Utah State University officials are using Governor Herbert’s Utah Leads 2.0 plan as the basis for planning. Though we are considering how classes would be delivered under the risk scenarios in the governor’s plan (high, moderate, low, and normal), our expectation is that Utah will move towards low risk by the end of the summer. With that in mind, USU is planning to provide a mixture of online, blended, and face-to-face learning opportunities.

The way we operate in the fall will depend, of course, upon how the COVID-19 situation unfolds and the guidance we receive from state officials. We will continue to stay agile and adjust plans as needed in order to provide the best educational opportunity possible while protecting the health and safety of students and employees.

Can I still change my grade mode to pass/fail?

We know the change of delivery method can affect you in a variety of ways. In order to provide more leniency and time to determine how this change impacts you, we have extended the time to May 19, 2020 to change your grade mode from a letter grade to a pass/fail. Deadlines for students and other updates on this topic are available online at Registrar's website.

Will computer labs remain open?

USU computer labs will remain open for essential needs, and lab facilitators will be enforcing social distancing and strict sanitation protocols. If you have your own computer or laptop, and sufficient internet, please work in your own home instead of coming onto the USU campus. If you do not have sufficient internet, but do have your own device, please use the USU Bluezone to do your schoolwork.

If I live in on-campus housing, can I stay?

Residents in USU Housing are welcome to live in the designated summer housing buildings for summer semester. Contact USU Housing to learn more. It is extremely important that individuals with potential COVID-19 symptoms report to their resident assistant (RA) by email or phone. We will arrange for evaluation, and if necessary, self-isolation of the sick student, for the required 14 days.

How is the Aggie Shuttle addressing the risk of infection?

Aggie Shuttles are cleaned and disinfected every hour to minimize risk to riders. When using the shuttle, take care to cover coughs and sneezes and ensure you are spreading out and social distancing.

Will Dining Services continue to provide food?

Dining Services is offering only grab and go/take out at all locations. Dining Services will continue to provide food to those who remain in on-campus housing through the end of the semester.

How can I get help for remote learning?

You should prepare now for connecting with your classes remotely beginning Wednesday, March 18. Learn what you can do to prepare for remote learning.

How can I access advising during this time?

Academic advisors are working together to support our campus community and many students are confused or worried about courses, both immediately and looking forward. Your health and wellbeing as you progress toward your educational goals are our top priority. Learn how to connect with your advisor.

Can I get a refund on my student fees or tuition for spring?

USU realizes remote delivery of coursework is a different learning experience than was anticipated when the semester began. Please be patient and open to this new approach. USU will not be refunding tuition or course fees as courses, grades, and credit are still offered. Likewise, student fees will not be refunded. The COVID-19 crisis has created a variety of unexpected challenges for everyone and has placed USU in a position where it must respond in atypical ways. 

If I have lost my job due to lack of work, what can I do?

USU is still hiring for jobs that allow for social distancing. USU employees may go to the jobs website and click “USU Employees Search Here,” then search for “Temporary.” Current students looking for hourly jobs may also visit Aggie Handshake to see a list of current job openings.

  • For questions about Aggie Handshake, contact Career Services at 435-797-7777.
  • For questions about, contact Human Resources at 435-797-0122 or

What is USU doing to help student employees who become ill?

USU is providing sick pay in the amount of an average of their pay for 14 days for those who are ill and may have COVID-19. Check with your supervisor if you need to access this COVID-19 related sick pay. 

If a student cannot take the ACT or SAT, how does that affect admissions?

Students that have not taken the ACT/SAT for admission purposes we are looking at on a case-by-case basis.  We will look at high school gpa, and any circumstances the student would like us to know through a personal statement.   Please contact Jeff Sorensen, Director of Admissions at for more information.