COVID-19 Testing: If You Have Symptoms

If you have any of these symptoms, schedule a COVID-19 test through Aggie Health.

When you log into Aggie Health, select that you want a COVID-19 test and that you have symptoms. After you schedule your test, you will receive a QR code to show when you check in. Tests are self-administered with a short swab.

Submit a COVID-19 Questionnaire

Fill out and submit a COVID-19 Questionnaire so USU can provide you with support and services.

While You Wait for Your Results

If you have symptoms, you must stay home and away from others while you wait for your test results and for the duration of your illness. See CDC guidance about what you should do when sick. You should be particularly careful to stay away from anyone who may be at a high risk for COVID-19 complications. Even if you receive a negative test result, you should continue to stay home and minimize your contact with others until you are well.

When You Will Get Your Results

Within 24-48 hours, you will receive a text or email prompting you to log into Aggie Health to see your results. You can also check to see if your results are ready at any time by logging into Aggie Health. While most test results are ready within 24 hours, if you are tested on Friday, you may not receive your results until Monday, which is the next business day.

Interpreting Your Results

For more information about interpreting your results, download this COVID-19 PCR Test fact sheet. If your test result is “inconclusive or invalid,” you will need to retest.

Who Positive Results Are Shared With

Positive test results are sent to the USU case containment team, who will reach out with more specific details about how to self-isolate. If you have questions about case containment, please email Positive test results are also shared with the Utah Department of Health for contact tracing and statewide case counts.

Questions or Concerns?

Students: Please contact the COVID CARE Team by call, text, or email.
Call: 435-797-0973 (during regular business hours)
Text: 435-258-9499

Employees: Please contact the case containment team at