Student Vaccine Requirement

On Aug. 27, USU announced that it would require students to be vaccinated for COVID-19 for Spring Semester 2022. Exemptions are available for religious, personal, or medical reasons. 

Vaccine Declaration Process

Students are able to declare their vaccination status by logging into Banner and answering several questions. This needs to be done before spring semester registration. View the spring semester registration schedule.

If You Have Been Fully Vaccinated

If you have been fully vaccinated, immediately upload proof of your COVID vaccination into Aggie Health. You may register as normal. However, you should check a few days before your scheduled registration date and time to make sure you do not see the vaccination questions.

If you are uploading your proof less than 24 hours before you register, you may still see the vaccine declaration as an action item to complete before you register. In this case, select the first option saying you are vaccinated and have not yet uploaded proof. That will complete the declaration and allow you to register.

How the Declaration Process Works

Students are notified they have an "action item" to declare their vaccination status when they log in to register, look at the spring class schedule, or follow the link that at the top of this page. This process is the only way to take an exemption from the vaccine requirement.

Students must complete the process by selecting one of the following options:

  1. They are vaccinated and have not yet uploaded their proof of vaccination in Aggie Health;
  2. They plan to get vaccinated and will upload their proof of vaccination before spring semester starts on Monday, Jan. 10, 2022;
  3. They are eligible for an exemption. Exemptions are available for:
    • Students under the age of 18
    • Students who live out of state and are taking all online courses
    • Students who have a medical, religious, or personal reason to take an exemption. Students may provide an optional statement if they choose a religious or personal exemption.
There are no additional forms required.

For students selecting options 1-2, USU will ensure they have complied with their declaration before the start of spring semester.

Campus Vaccine Clinics

USU is offering multiple clinics on the Logan campus to help students quickly and conveniently fulfill the vaccine requirement. Vaccines are also widely available across the state. Visit for more information.

Requirement FAQ

Which vaccinations are required by USU?

The USU requirement is in place for the COVID-19 vaccines that have received full FDA authorization: Pfizer/BioNTech, also known by its retail name, Comirnaty. The university also accepts vaccines that have received FDA Emergency Use Authorization, which includes Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

For international students and employees, USU accepts vaccinations that have received WHO approval. Those who have received vaccines not on the WHO list will be referred to Bear River Health Department or their local public health agency for guidance on vaccinations.

What does it mean to be “fully vaccinated”?

You are considered fully vaccinated two weeks past your final dose of vaccine (two for Pfizer or Moderna, one for Johnson & Johnson).

What COVID-19 vaccine documentation is accepted by USU?

USU accepts upload images of a student’s personal, authentic, CDC COVID-19 vaccination record card completed with a name and date(s). Forged or modified submissions, or submissions of cards that belong to another person, will not be accepted and will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct.

USU also accepts official immunization records from the Docket app. You can download that record as a PDF from the app and upload it to Aggie Health.
Docket tip sheet from the Utah Department of Health

What if I've lost my vaccination card?

If you were vaccinated in the state of Utah, follow these instructions from the Utah Department of Health to get a replacement card or access your immunization records through an app:
Vaccination cards: What you need to know about proving your vaccination status.

Are any students exempt from this requirement?

The following groups of USU students are not required to be vaccinated:

  • Concurrent enrollment
  • Continuing education
  • Online-only or graduate students who live out of state

Students under the age of 18 are expected to fulfill the vaccine requirement, with parental permission.

Can I attend classes in person if I take an exemption?

Yes, students who take a medical, religious, or personal exemption may attend classes in person.

How do I know my exemption is approved?

Exemption declarations are not evaluated/approved. Choosing an exemption completes the declaration process, allowing students to register for classes.


If you have questions about the requirement or declaration process, please email

Upload Your Proof of Vaccination

If you are fully vaccinated, please upload your proof of vaccination to Aggie Health to comply with USU's vaccine requirement and assist with case containment efforts.

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