Mapping Courses to Student Outcomes

The following table presents a mapping of courses to Student Outcomes (SOs). It should be noted that it does not list all the courses offered by the department, but only required courses, elective courses at 3000- and 4000-level, and selected elective upper-division 5000-level courses with a large enrollment or a group project that are specifically designed to have a major impact on at least three SOs. Each of these elective courses is indicated by an asterisk. Each SO is assigned to one or more courses. When a check mark X spans multiple courses, it indicates that any one of the courses may be selected by a student and that each of the courses assesses this specific SO. The instructors of these courses are required to teach concepts and techniques associated with the SO and assess the level of attainment of the SO using CDMs. Although SOs are not equally addressed across the curriculum, they are each assigned to a sufficient number of courses to demonstrate the levels of attainment are met and every student is provided with the opportunity to successfully acquire these SOs. This mapping is periodically reviewed, revised if necessary, and approved by the faculty at regular faculty meetings.

Students are given the option to choose courses from CS 4700 or CS 5300 and CS 5000 or CS 5050 to enroll in.

Course Title 1 2 3 4 5 6
CS 1400 Introduction to Computer Science (CS1)   X        
CS 1410 Introduction to Computer Science (CS2)   X        
CS 1440 Methods in Computer Science X X   X   X
CS 2410 Introduction to Event Driven Programming and GUI’s X X        
CS 2420 Algorithms and Data Structures (CS3) X X       X
CS 2610 Developing Dynamic, Database-Driven, Web Applications X X        
CS 2810 Computer Systems Organization and Architecture X          
CS 3100 Operating Systems and Concurrency X         X
CS 3200* Mobile Application Development   X       X
CS 3430* Scientific Computing with Python X X        
CS 3450 Introduction to Software Engineering   X X X X  
CS 3460* C++   X        
CS 4320* Information Storage and Retrieval X X X     X
CS 4700 Programming Languages           X
CS 5300 Compiler Construction X X       X
CS 5000 Theory of Computability X X       X
CS 5050 Advanced Algorithms X X       X
CS 5200* Introduction to Distributed Systems X X     X X
CS 5410* Game Development X X     X X
CS 5600* Intelligent Systems X X       X
CS 5700* Object-Oriented Software Development X X       X