Program Educational Objectives

As defined by ABET, program educational objectives are broad statements that describe what graduates are expected to attain within a few years of graduation. The Computer Science Department at Utah State University has the following program educational objectives. The computer science program of study is designed to provide undergraduates with the knowledge, skills, and tools to reach these educational objectives.

Program Educational Objective I

Our graduates will be successfully employed in the computing profession and/or obtain advanced degrees in computing or a related discipline.

Program Educational Objective II

Our graduates will adapt and innovate in a rapidly changing field, engage in lifelong learning and engagement through continued professional development, contribute to professional societies and organizations, promote growth and prosperity of the regional economy at the state and national level, and foster personal and organizational growth.

Program Educational Objective III

Our graduates will participate in professional societies, engage in service to the community, and contribute to efforts to comply with software licensing, privacy protection, and quality and safety assurance.