Utah State


Ph.D. Students

  • Qiuping Pan, Deep Learning-Based Hate Detection. (expected 2025)

  • Qiuxiao Chen, Deep Learning-Based 3D Object Detection. (expected 2024)

  • Meng Xu. Tentative: Deep Learning-Based Medical Image Segmentation and Classification(expected 2023)

  • Brendan Robeson. Tentative: Deep Learning-Based Visual Tracking. (expected 2023)

  • Mohammadreza Javanmardi. Deep Learning and Optimization in Visual Target Tracking. (Defended in December 2020. Now working as a Principal Computer Vision Engineer at 10Beauty, Boston.)

  • Amir Hossein Farzaneh. Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild Using Convolutional Neural Networks. (Defended in June 2020. Now working as a Deep Learning R&D Engineer at CCC Information Services, Chicago.)

  • Liang Peng. Object Recognition in Videos Utilizing Hierarchical and Temporal Objectness with Deep Neural Networks. (Defended in February 2017. Now working as a Senior Research Engineer at Oath Inc., formerly Yahoo, San Francisco Bay Area.)

  • Mohammad Reza Faraji. Face Recognition Techniques under Varying Illuminations. (Defended in April 2015. Now working as a senior Researcher at Strive Health, Salt Lake City. UT.)

  • Ran Chang. Effective Graph-Based Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems for Large-Scale and Small-Scale Image Databases (Defended in December 2013. Now working as a lecturer in School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana.)

  • Marco Alvarez Vega. Graph Kernels and Applications in Bioinformatics (Defended in November 2010. Now working as an Assistant Professor in Computer Science Department at the University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI.)

  • Master Students

  • Kamna Yadav. Improving Accuracy of Edge Boxes Object Proposal Algorithm. (Thesis. Defended in August 2018. Now working as a Senior Software Development Enginee in Test at Imagine Learning Inc., Provo, UT.)

  • Yaswanth Kodavali. Image Segmentation Using De-Textured Images. (Report. Defended in April 2017. Now working as a J2Ee Developer at Zions Bancorporation, Salt Lake City, UT.)

  • Chong Li. Wearable Computing: Accelerometer-Based Human Activity Classification Using Decision Tree. (Thesis. Defended in November 2016. Now working as a Product Manager at Accela, Salt Lake City, UT.)

  • Robbie Buck. Cluster-Based Salient Object Detection using K-Means Merging and Keypoint Separation with Rectangular Centers. (Thesis. Defended in December 2015. Now pursuing a Ph.D. degree.)

  • Swathi Rajashekar. Composite Feature-Based Face Detection Using Skin Color Modeling and SVM Classification. (Report. Defended in April 2012. Now working as a Senior Software Engineer at O.C. Tanner, Salt Lake City, UT.)

  • Jiyuan Wang. A Localized Geometric-Distortion Resilient Digital Watermarking Scheme Using Two Kinds of Complementary Feature Points. (Thesis. Defended in April 2012. Now working at Unbounded Solutions, Atlanta, GA.)

  • Beijie Xu. Clustering Educational Digital Library Usage Data: Comparisons of Latent Class Analysis and K-Means Algorithms (Thesis. Defended in April 2011. Now working as a Senior Software Development Engineer at Amazon Inc., Seattle, WA.)

  • Xing Xin. A Singular-Value-Based Semi-Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Image Content Authentication With Tampering Localization (Thesis. Defended in April 2010. Now working as a Software Development Engineer at Apple, San Francisco, CA.)

  • Benjamin Banham. A Genetic Programming Approach to Image Compression (Thesis. Defended in June 2008. Now working at USU Research Foundation, Logan, UT.)

  • Daniel Lewis. QIM-Based Histogram-Preserving and High Capacity Steganography For JPEG Images (Thesis. Defended in May 2007. Now working at Amazon Inc., Seattle, WA.)

  • Seth Call. Searching for Global Minimum-Energy Chemical Systems: Approaches Utilizing Simulated Annealing and Particle Swarm Optimization (Thesis. Defended in April, 2006. Now working at State of Utah, Provo, UT.)

  • Yinbing Ge. A Real-Time Vision-Based Outdoor Navigation System for the Wheelchair Robot (Thesis. Defended in March, 2006. Now working as a Senior Analyst/Developer at the Noble Research Institute, Ardmore, OK.)

  • Hongxing Zheng. A Fuzzy Integrated Approach to Shape Retrieval (Thesis. Defended in January, 2006. Now working as a Senior Software Developer at Geomni., Lehi, UT.)

  • Yutao Han. A Machine Learning-Based Image Annotation System (Thesis. Defended in November, 2005. Now working at Microsoft Inc., Seattle, WA)

  • Ji Qi. A Rotation, Scaling, and Translation Resilient Digital Watermarking Scheme Based on Image Content (Thesis. Defended in November, 2005. Now working at Activision, Santa Monica, CA.)

  • KokSheik Wong. A Novel Mod4-Based Steganographic Method (Thesis. Defended in August, 2005. Now working as an Associate Professor at School of Information Technology, Monash University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.)

  • Kenneth Jensen. A Combined Association Rule/Radial-Basis Function Neural Network Approach to Intrusion Detection (Thesis. Defended in April, 2005)

  • Jared Alger. Binary Object Database Benchmark and Benchmark Framework (Thesis. Defended in April, 2005)

  • Undergraduate Students

  • Martin Mayne. Task Scheduling and Simulation (Honor Thesis. Finished in May 2006)

  • Stephen Bialkowski. Eye Tracking Project. (Now working at ATK/Thiokol at Bringham City, UT.)

  • Student Activities

    Four students presented their research projects at the Sixth Annual Intermountain Paper and Poster Symposium

  • Yutao Han, "A Region-Based Approach to Effective and Efficient Image Retrieval."

  • Ji Qi, "Improved Affine Resistant Watermarking by Using Robust Templates."

  • Hongxing Zheng, "An Integrated Global and Local Approach to Shape Retrieval."

  • Juan Cheng, "Face Detection Using Quantized Skin Color Regions and Neural Network Classification."

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