Statewide Option (MS/CS Plan A, MS/CS Plan B, MCS)

USU’s Statewide Campuses allow students throughout Utah to complete coursework even if they are not located in Logan. The Computer Science department offers two CS 5000+ courses every semester via Interactive Broadcast. These classes are taught by regular USU Computer Science faculty in a Logan classroom and broadcast live to USU’s Statewide Campuses throughout Utah. Students enrolled in these courses must participate in-person at the nearest USU campus.

The Computer Science MS Plan A, Computer Science MS Plan B, and Master of Computer Science programs are available to Statewide students since all coursework can be completed through the Interactive Broadcast courses the department offers.

Tentative Schedule

The tentative two-year teaching schedule is listed below. This teaching schedule will be repeated every two years.

Fall and Spring courses are offered as a single lecture of 2.5 hours once a week in the evenings—starting at either 5:15 or 8:00 pm.

Summer courses are offered as 7-week courses—one during the first half of the semester and one during the second half of the semester. These courses meet twice a week for 2.5 hours in the evenings of Tuesdays and Thursdays—starting at 5:15.

Fall Semester - Odd Years (beginning 2023)

CS 6080 - Time Series Data Mining (3 credits)

CS 6840 - Social Network Analysis (3 credits)

Spring Semester - Even Years (beginning 2024)

CS 6850 - Introduction to Data Analysis (3 credits)

CS 6110 - MultiAgent Systems (4 credits)

Summer Semester - Even Years (beginning 2024)

CS 5700 - Object-Oriented Software Development (4 credits)

CS 6890 - Special Topics: Advanced Software Engineering (3 credits)

Fall Semester - Even Years (beginning 2024)

CS 6820 - Data Science - Data Visualization (3 credits)

CS 6890 - Special Topics: Machine Learning with Graphs (3 credits)

Spring Semester - Odd Years (beginning 2025)

CS 5410 - Game Development (4 credits)

CS 6040 - Scientific Visualization (3 credits)

Summer Semester - Odd Years (beginning 2025)

CS 5700 - Object-Oriented Software Development (4 credits)

CS 5400 - Computer Graphics I (4 credits)

While working out your curriculum, it is important to work closely with Rachel Mano, Graduate Program Coordinator.