Computer Science Cooperative Work Experience Registration Request

  1. This form must be filled out completely, and the submitted form will be forwarded to Caitlin Thaxton (undergraduate advisor/graduate program coordinator) for processing. The salary information is required on a Federal report we must file.
  2. All students who take this class must prepare a digital poster that provides an overview of their experience gained during the internship. Students should complete the poster using the PPT schema or the Google Slides schema, which can be downloaded and modified with their picture and information about their work experience.
  3. Completed posters should be submitted to Caitlin Thaxton as PDF files. For examples of completed posters, see the posters in the lobbies throughout the 4th floor of Old Main.
  4. CS 4250 must be a letter grade to count toward CS major requirements. CS 6250 must be a Pass or Fail.
  5. If it is impossible to contact the work supervisor by the last day of the final exam week, a grade of F will be submitted.
  6. Each credit equates to 5–15 hours of work per week throughout the semester of registration. CS 4250 must be for 3 credits to count toward CS major requirements. Graduate students can include up to 3 credits of CS 6250 on their Program of Study.
  7. Grades will be strongly influenced both by accomplishments and by the supervisor’s evaluation of skills and work habits.
  8. If you have any questions concerning Cooperative Work Experience, contact Caitlin Thaxton.
*What class are you registering for?
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