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Artificial Intelligence

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Game Developer

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Mobile Application Developer & Web Developer

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Data Science

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Computer Vision

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Privacy & Security

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Software Engineer

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High Performance & Cloud Computing

About Computer Science

Virtually all businesses, industries, and organizations use computing at all levels, making the field of computer science one of the fastest growing sectors of employment for college graduates. Computer scientists understand and use algorithmic sequences and computer languages to create new programs and to solve problems found in almost every sector of society.

Students learn the theoretical foundations of information and computation and understand practical techniques for their implementation and application in order to create, describe, and transform information in computer systems. Computer science is different from computer engineering in that it focuses more on the theoretical understanding of computation and programing.

Careers In Computer Science

USU students who graduate with a computer science degree find high starting salaries, high job placement, and the possibility of working for major computer companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, HP, Meta/Facebook, Lucid, and more.


Bachelor's degrees from the Computer Science Department at Utah State University are accredited by the CAC Accreditation Commission of ABET. The Department of Computer Science is a recognized leader in educating students in a variety of fields.

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