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Education Paraprofessional: CP

Education Paraprofessional

The Education Paraprofessional Certificate of Completion provides potential or current paraprofessionals in the schools with course work specific to their role as paraprofessionals. It is the only such program in the state of Utah. By learning the instructional skills, assessment techniques, safety procedures, and interpersonal relationship skills they'll need to work successfully with the teachers they assist and the learners in their charge, paraprofessionals with this certificate will be prepared to join a teaching team as a contributing member.

  • Tutor
  • Elementary or secondary teacher's aide
  • Special education resource aide
  • Specialty teacher (e.g., music, art, physical education, technology)
  • Success coach

Admission Requirements

This is a cohort program. Applications are taken each spring to begin course work the ensuing fall. Applicants must have earned a high school diploma. Preference may be given to individuals already hired as paraprofessionals in the schools.