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Computer Science Certificates: ICP

Computer Science Certificates

The USU Department of Computer Science provides a variety of learning opportunities to earn certificate specializations through USU’s online program. All the courses needed to earn these certificates are available online, meaning students can live anywhere and work on these certificates.

All certificates are stackable, meaning that they are all independent. However, there is some overlap with the course requirements. Students who wish to pursue multiple certificates will benefit greatly from that overlap.

Computer Science Teaching - Level A and Level B

These certificates provide the foundational and advanced knowledge a currently licensed teacher needs in order to teach introductory and advanced computer science classes at the elementary and secondary education levels. A student should check with their licensing agency to determine how these courses apply in their specific circumstances.

Computer Science Software Development

This certificate targets displaced workers from other fields and gives them a realistic pathway for obtaining an entry-level position as a software programmer or tester, as well as providing a foundation for other certificates or for a future bachelor's degree in computer science.

Computer Science Web & Mobile Developer

This certificate builds on the Software Development certificate by providing additional breadth in the development of web and mobile applications. A particular focus on event driven user interfaces comes first, followed by specific application areas for web and mobile computing. This certificate enables one to have the necessary skills for an entry-level position as a web or mobile software developer.

Computer Science Cloud Computing

The Cloud Computing certificate introduces students to the tools, techniques, and skills necessary to build cloud computing applications. These are applications that utilize cloud computing resources such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. Students earning this certification are prepared to design and implement reliable, durable, scalable, and high-available software applications.

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