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Law and Society Area Studies Certificate: ICP

Law and Society Area Studies Certificate

The certificate program helps students supplement their individual majors with increased perspectives of the relationship between law and society. It provides solid preparation for students interested in law school, public administration, counseling, or law enforcement-related careers.

This certificate consists of coursework from several areas, including sociology, political science, social work, management, and more. Students take courses from at least three different disciplines, giving them multiple perspectives on law-related issues. Courses cover subjects such as social and business ethics, constitutional law and theory, criminology, justice, and more.

The certificate program helps students supplement their individual majors with increased perspectives of the relationship between law and society. It provides solid preparation for law school and other graduate programs. Career options available to students depend on their individual major, but the knowledge and skills developed in the program prepare students for a variety of careers related to public administration, law enforcement, counseling, and more.

Career Services provides counseling and information on hundreds of job and internship opportunities and even helps students apply and interview.

Admission Requirements

Students admitted to Utah State University in good standing qualify to complete this certificate in conjunction with their chosen major.

Labs, Centers, Research

With the second oldest undergraduate research program in the nation, USU offers students a wide range of opportunities to gain hands-on research experience. USU’s Honors Program prepares students for excellent graduate programs by helping them build relationships with professors, participate in research projects, take smaller, more intensive classes, and develop leadership skills.

Institute for Social Science Research on Natural Resources: This is an interdisciplinary laboratory that promotes training in natural resource and environmental sociology. As with the Population Research Laboratory, research at the ISSRNR is coordinated with undergraduate and graduate degrees and is among the strongest programs at USU and in the country.

Institute of Government and Politics: IOGP aims to enhance understanding of government institutions and the political process by providing opportunities that bridge practical skills and academic training. The nonpartisan IOGP engages students, faculty, political and community leaders, and citizens in the discussion of policy development through its internship program, visiting speakers, seminars, and policy forums.

Population Research Laboratory: This lab is one of the oldest and best established demographic labs in the region. The PRL was organized to promote a balanced training program in demography at both undergraduate and graduate levels and to centralize and expand various research activities related to population. Faculty associated with the PRL conduct numerous research projects and support many students as they pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees with a specialization in demographics or population study.

Project on Liberty and American Constitutionalism: The project's mission is to explore the meaning of liberty in the American constitutional system, with specific emphasis on the founders' commitment to limited and responsible government that promotes individual liberty, free markets, and a strong national defense. The goal of the project is to produce publications that examine these issues and to enhance the educational opportunities for interested Utah State students.



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