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Women and Gender Studies Certificate: Cert

Women and Gender Studies Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies Program provides a base of study that addresses the intersecting issues of gender, age, race, ethnicity, class, regionalism, nationalism, sexual identity, etc. as they affect women and men. The certificate is complementary to a wide variety of graduate programs, and is also available as a standalone certificate. It can be individualized to each student’s need and gives greater depth to each student’s individual studies.

A flexible, interdisciplinary academic program, Women and Gender Studies (WGS) is unique at USU in bringing together women and men of all ethnicities and sexual identities to explore the many ways in which gender influences people’s lives and world views. Courses focus on the role of gender in human culture, examining the dynamics of sex roles and gender ideals, both historically and in the present. Through coursework and research, students engage in the study of femininities and masculinities, as well as the social forces that construct these gender identities, from many perspectives.

The Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies Program is available to students who are currently enrolled in a degree-granting graduate program at Utah State University, and is available as a standalone certificate to students not otherwise enrolled in a graduate program but who wish to complete coursework in women and gender studies at the graduate level.

Graduate students who study women and gender issues might go on to careers in higher education, with the ability to teach women and gender studies courses or direct gender-focused programming. Other graduate students might go on to other careers in the private, non-profit, or public sectors. Career paths of graduate students with a women and gender studies focus include:

• Advocacy

• Editing

• Graphic Design

• Law

• Counseling

• Crisis Intervention

• Human Resources

• Lobbyist

• Magazine Editing

• Marketing

• Medical Fields

• Politics

• Public Policy

• Publishing

• Radio Broadcasting

• Research

• Social Service

• Social Work

• Teaching

• Television Production

• Theatre & Arts

• Writing

Admission Requirements

Application Procedure

Applications to the Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies program take place on two levels: 1) the University level and 2) the Program level. Students must be admitted at both the University and Program levels to receive the certificate.

At the University level, students not currently enrolled in a graduate-level degree granting program at Utah State University must apply to the University via the following Instructions:

  1. Applicants go to
  2. Choose the Graduate Application and then choose the WGS Certificate.
  3. Applicant must provide an official transcript showing they've been awarded a bachelor's degree or higher. Please send official transcripts to the following address: 0900 Old Main Hill, Logan UT 84322-0900. Official electronic transcripts may be sent to from the institution. (If you've attended USU, we will obtain your transcripts.)
  4. Upload a General Statement of Purpose: "Describe your interest in the Women and Gender Certificate Program and your background in Women and Gender Studies (300-600 words)"
  5. Use PROMO code WGS2018 to waive $30 of the application fee.
  6. Application fee will be $25.00

Students already enrolled in a graduate-level degree granting program should apply solely at the program level.

  • Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies Application Form
  • Unofficial transcripts from all universities attended
  • A 300-600 word statement of purpose explaining your interest in the Certificate Program and your background in Women and Gender Studies

After acceptance into the program, students will be required to submit a proposed plan of study. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Program Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies requires 12-credit hours at the graduate level. Both WGS 6910 (offered as WGS 6900 until Fall 2014) Feminist Research Methods and WGS 6920 (offered as WGS 6900 until Fall 2014) are required courses. Two additional 3-credit graduate level courses that are WGS courses or WGS-approved electives are required.


Financial Assistance

Utah State University is currently submitting an application to the Department of Education to make the Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies eligible for financial aid. Until the application is approved, the standalone Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies is not financial aid eligible. Students seeking a degree-granting graduate degree at Utah State University are eligible to receive financial aid for WGS courses through their home programs.

Ann Austin, PhD, Iowa State University
Professor, Director- Center for Women and Gender
Area: Child development and care; Girls’ and women’s leader identity development; Early mathematics; Child programs in developing countries
Office: FL 127
Phone: 435-797-1527

Anita Harker Armstrong, PhD, Utah State University
Area: Women and Gender Studies
Office: LIB 118
Phone: 435-797-0729

Professional Organizations, Honor Societies, and Clubs

Triota Triota Triota: This is the National Women and Gender Studies Honor Society. Undergraduate and graduate students who have a 3.0 GPA and 6 credits in women and gender studies courses can apply to members of the honor society each spring.

Perspectives: This club is open to all interested undergraduate and graduate students and not limited to those pursuing the certificate in women and gender studies. Students meet frequently to hold discussions on a variety of topics that they approach from many perspectives. They also host various activities throughout the semester.

Labs, Centers, Research

Center for Women and Gender: The center provides a professional and social climate to enhance opportunities through learning, discovery, and engagement. Its philosophy is that gender refers broadly to gender relations, social arrangements, organizations and institutions, masculinities and femininities, as well as gender discourses. The Center supports human empowerment in professional, social, and educational arenas by bringing together diverse expertise and resources.



Academic Advising

Sarah Timmerman
Office: Room 315D
Phone: (435) 797-3703

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