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Management Information Systems: MMIS

Management Information Systems

The Master of Management Information Systems (MMIS) program in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University offers students an opportunity to make a difference in the organizations where they work. Understanding Big Data is a must-have skill in today's job market. MMIS students compete in the marketplace with solid database, web development, business analysis, and IT strategy skills.

MIS-related professions are projected to have the strongest employment outlook with high wages through the end of the decade. Our master's degree will change the trajectory of your career.

Program highlights include:

  • High Job Placement Combined with High Salaries
  • Solid Database and Data Analytics Coverage
  • Premier Faculty Research - Publications, Grants, and a Patent
  • Cohesive Student Culture - BI, E-Commerce and Business Analytics, AIS (Two National Champion Teams)
  • STEM Designation
  • AACSB Accredited

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The career outlook for MIS graduates is exceptional, with possibilities including the following:

  • Chief information officer
  • Webmaster
  • Quality assurance manager
  • E-Commerce system developer
  • Business systems analyst
  • Software support specialist/trainer
  • Database application programmer
  • Information system security manager
  • Database administrator
  • Project manager
  • Data analyst
  • E-Learning specialist
  • Decision support/business intelligence specialist

Admission Requirements

Students who don’t have a business undergraduate degree are required to take prerequisite classes to satisfy AACSB requirements. Students must complete all prerequisites prior to starting the MMIS coursework, but not before application to the program. Specific information related to prerequisites is included in a student’s acceptance letter.

  • ACCT 2010 - Survey of Accounting I (Financial)
  • FIN 3400 - Corporate Finance
  • STAT 2300 - Business Statistics

These can be taken individually at any college or university as long as the course is approved with the MMIS Office.  Please speak with our office to discuss any questions.

Application Requirements:

  • Complete the online application
  • Pay the $55 application fee
  • Score at or above the 40th percentile on the GRE or GMAT (both verbal and quantitative, GRE/GMAT scores optional)
  • Have a 3.0 or higher GPA on your last 60 semester or 90 quarter credits
  • Provide transcripts of all college/university credits
  • Provide three contacts for letters of recommendation

International students have additional admissions requirements.

Admission Deadlines

The department has the following deadlines:

  • Fall semester - August 1
  • Spring semester - December 1
  • Summer program - April 1
  • To be considered for scholarships, MMIS applications must be submitted before March 1st each year.

Master's Degree Plan Option(s)

Students can receive the MMIS by pursuing one of two options:

  • In the Plan A option: students complete graduate-level coursework and must write a thesis. This option must be approved by the advisory committee.
  • In the Plan C option: students are required to complete coursework only.

Financial Assistance

A variety of funding opportunities are available on the graduate school website.

Ryan Beckstead, MBA, Idaho State University
Office: BUS 705
Phone: (435) 797-4125

Lindsay Bennion, MA, Brigham Young University
Office: BUS 303
Phone: (435) 797-4723

Cheryl Burgess, MS, Boise State University
Office: BUS 305
Phone: (435) 797-1915

Kathy Chudoba, PhD, University of Arizona
Associate Department Head, Associate Professor
Area: Distributed environments, global virtual teams, integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) into work practices
Office: BUS 703
Phone: (435) 797-2344

Polly Conrad, MS, Truman State University
Office: BUS 707
Phone: (435) 797-2898

Brian Dunn, PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Assistant Professor
Office: BUS 712
Phone: (435) 797-4123

Pamela Dupin-Bryant, PhD, University of Wyoming
Office: Tooele campus
Phone: (435) 797-9892

Kelly Fadel, PhD, University of Arizona
Associate Professor
Department: Data Analytics and Information Department
Area: Web development
Office: BUS 705
Phone: (435) 797-2348

Eric Hawley, PhD, Utah State University
Adjunct Professor, Chief Information Officer at USU
Office: SER 101
Phone: (435) 797-8146

Jeffrey Johnson, PhD, University of Arizona
Associate Professor
Area: Business information systems
Office: BUS 706
Phone: (435) 797-2350

John Johnson, PhD, Texas A&M University
Area: E-commerce
Office: BUS 708
Phone: (435) 797-2341

Yong Seog Kim, PhD, University of Iowa
Area: Decision support systems (DSS), data mining, and customer relationship management (CRM)
Office: BUS 710
Phone: (435) 797-2271

Robert Mills, PhD, Utah State University
Area: Performance improvement, technology-based training
Office: BUS 704
Phone: (435) 797-7480

David Olsen, PhD, University of Arizona
Department Head and Professor
Area: Business information systems
Office: BUS 711
Phone: (435) 797-2349

David Paper, PhD, Southern Illinois University
Area: Change management, process reengineering, database management, e-commerce, and enterprise integration
Office: BUS 714
Phone: (435) 797-2456

Magno Queiroz, PhD, University of Wollongong
Assistant Professor
Area: Digital business strategy, strategic IT alignment, and use of IT to improve business agility and performance.
Office: BUS 702
Phone: (435 797-5366

Zsolt Ugray, PhD, University of Texas - Austin
Associate Professor
Area: E-commerce, global optimization, heuristics, networks, decision support systems
Office: BUS 716
Phone: (435) 797-8132

Lianne Wappett, MFA, University of Idaho
Office: BUS 303A
Phone: (435) 797-9475

Karen Woolstenhulme, MS, Utah State University
Senior Lecturer
Office: Salt Lake City campus
Phone: (435) 722-2294

Professional Organizations, Honor Societies, and Clubs

Association Information Systems (AIS): USU AIS is an official student chapter of the Association for Information Systems, the premier professional association of individuals and organizations who lead the research, teaching, practice and study of information systems worldwide.

Business Intelligence Group: The Business Intelligence Group has distinguished itself as a dynamic, student-lead, extra-curricular research organization. Participants gain a wealth of real-world experience and applications to data science theories learned in class.

Entrepreneurship Club: The Entrepreneurship Club teaches skill sets for entrepreneurs to be successful. The club provides access to resources, teaches how to develop and refine business ideas, and assists in helping students build and launch a sustainable, successful company.

Women in Business Association (WIBA): WIBA represent women making a difference in business. This club is focused toward making essential networking contacts, recruiting and mentoring future women in business, and learning vital skills for the business world.

Huntsman Opportunities

Career Exploration Trips: Not sure what your dream job is? No worries; our career trips will get you out in the field so you can talk with our professional partners and explore different industries.

Small Enterprise Education and Development (SEED): This is as real as it gets! SEED is an international consulting internship where students teach basic business and finance principles to local entrepreneurs in the Philippines and Peru.



Academic Advising

Zsolt Ugray
Associate Professor
Office: BUS 716
Phone: (435) 797-8132

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