All-you-care to eat dining located in central campus! Check out the Junction for great meals, great service, and a great atmosphere! 



Fall 2015 Hours

Monday-Thursday:   7 a.m.- 7 p.m. &

                              9 p.m.- 11 p.m.

Friday:                    7 a.m.- 2 p.m.

                              9 p.m.- 11 p.m.

Saturday:                9 p.m.- 11 p.m.

Sunday:                 10 a.m.- 7 p.m.

 Closed all major holidays

Meal Plans Accepted Here! 

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Chef's Line      Custom Station        Sandwich Station        Salad Bar         Late Meals

NEW at the Junction! 

10 Block Meal Plans

Get 10 all-you-care to eat meals for only $7 bucks each. 

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Grab & Go Containers

Don't have time for a sit-down meal, but still want to eat at The Marketplace? We're introducing Grab & Go Containers! Pay a one-time fee of $5, grab a container, and get 10 minutes to fill up your box and take it anywhere you want. Simply bring the container back when you're done, & we'll wash it and give you another one. 

Also Available at The Marketplace

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Breakfast (7 a.m.-11 a.m.):           $7.50
Lunch/Dinner (11 a.m.-7 p.m.):     $9.00 
Late Night Meal (9 p.m-11 p.m.):  $7.50

Children 6-10:                               $5.50

                Children 0-5 Eat Free!

(Prices include sales tax)

Traditional and Block Meal Plans Accepted!

Lindsey Wiltshire