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How to Refer Students to the DRC

Please refer students who identify themselves as students with a disability or request an accommodation. Accommodations are determined through an interactive process with a DRC consultant. Faculty or staff members may be asked to participate in the discussion as needed. Accommodations should not change the essential function of the course, and the DRC consultant is happy to work with faculty regarding this aspect.

If students are experiencing academic difficulty in a course, please refer them to the DRC. A number of students have not been identified as a student with a disability until college age, and their difficulty may be an indication. The DRC can help identify possible reasons, consult those who suspect they may have a disability, provide options for support, and discuss if accommodations may be appropriate. Accommodations are not retro-active, therefore, a proactive approach is recommended.

Students that have a temporary disability may also be referred to the DRC. We provide limited services to students with temporary disabilities, and documentation on the duration of the impairment may be required.

Please note that students are not obligated to contact us, accommodations are free, and all information is confidential. We are located in the basement of the University Inn, just east of the TSC.