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How to Request Accommodations in Aggie Access

This page provides step-by-step instructions for getting started in Aggie Access.


Log in to Aggie Access

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Navigate to the Disability Resource Center Website
  3. Click on the Aggie Access Login button located in the right hand column of the page
  4. Sign in with student ID (A#) and password (Banner password)

Sign Agreements

After logging in to Aggie Access, the student Dashboard will be displayed. This Dashboard will allow for quick navigation to various tasks that may need to be completed in Aggie Access. Before any accommodations can be requested, any pending agreements will need to be confirmed. These agreements outline appropriate use of a given accommodation. If logging in for the first time, a general agreement will be required.

  1. Select an agreement to review. (If multiple agreements are required, only one signature is required for all agreements)
  2. Sign agreement by typing the exact name shown below the signature box and selecting Submit Form

Request Accommodations

After signing agreements, request accommodations by returning to the My Dashboard page

  1. On the My Dashboard page, under Select Accommodations for Your Class, Select the classes for which accommodations should be applied
  2. Select Step 2 - Continue to Customize Your Accommodations
  3. Below each course, select the accommodations desired for that course
  4. Select Submit Your Accommodation Requests

Check Eligibility

On the My Dashboard page, select My Eligibility from the menu on the left to see all approved accommodations. If you need additional accommodations, please contact your accessibility consultant.

Sign Out of Aggie Access

To sign out of Aggie Access, select Sign Out in the top left corner of the page.