25 Apr 2014

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Degree Requirements

The Ecology MS and PhD are research degrees that require a thesis or dissertation. The course requirements are tailored to each student's interests and needs, but include the minimum University and departmental degree requirements, as well as the Ecology Center requirements (see General Catalog), as follows:

ECOLOGY CENTER SEMINAR: All Ecology graduate students are required to register for Ecology Seminar (BIOL 6870, ENVS 6870, PSC 6870, WATS 6870, WILD 6870,) at least one semester each academic year and attend each semester in residence.

FUNCTIONAL BLOCKS*:MS students are required to take three credits from each of two blocks. PhD students are required to take three credits from of three blocks. Specific courses are suggested to fill the block requirements (see Block Courses). Selection of courses from the blocks is to be decided collaboratively by the student, major professor, and graduate committee. Major professors may request substituting courses beyond those listed as approved Block Courses.

*The requirement to take a selection of Functional Block courses is to promote breadth in the background of USU Ecology graduates. Similar specialized courses may be substituted, including courses taken previously, at the discretion of the major professor in consultation with the Ecology Center Director. Such allowances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


There is considerable flexibility among departments that participate in the Ecology degree program in the composition of the  graduate supervisory committee.

All participating departments have agreed to uniform ecology course requirements and to minimize other departmental requirements.

Students may apply courses taken for an MS to the PhD requirement. 

(Last updated 11/13/12)