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Prospective Students

Ecology is increasingly interdisciplinary, and ecologists have diverse training backgrounds. The Ecology program at Utah State includes affiliated faculty from 11 departments in 5 colleges and fellow students with many different interests. The Ecology curriculum is research-based and includes a common but flexible core of seminars and courses, along with specific departmental degree requirements and a research thesis or dissertation.

Acceptance into the Ecology degree program requires acceptance by a faculty who will serve as advisor for the degree program. If you are interested in studying Ecology at Utah State, you should contact the Faculty Associate(s) whose areas of research align with your professional interests. Inquiries sent to the Ecology Center will be routed to appropriate department(s), department head(s), or faculty member(s).

Application should be made to:

The School of Graduate Studies
Utah State University
0900 Old Main Hill
Logan, Utah 84322-0900
(Phone: 435-797-1189, Fax: 435-797-1192)

The department of interest should be specified. Departments offering Ecology MS and PhD degrees are:


Environment and Society

Plants, Soils, and Climate

Watershed Sciences

Wildland Resources

Utah State offers a variety of competitive graduate scholarship and fellowship opportunities (e.g.,, see also Departmental and College webpages). Also, the National Science Foundation offers Graduate Research Fellowships through a competitive process (