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Peter Adler

Plant population and community ecology

Diane G. Alston

Integrated pest management, insect ecology

Anne J. Anderson

Molecular basis of plant-microbe interactions

Barry Baker

Bioclimatology, climate change, and ecosystem modeling

bioclimatology, climate change, and ecosystem modeling

Michelle A. Baker

Aquatic biogeochemistry and ecosystem ecology

Karen Beard

Conservation biology, invasion ecology, global change ecology

Patrick Belmont

Watershed hydrology,sediment dynamics, geomorphology, morphodynamics

Edmund D. Brodie

Co-evolution of newts and garter snakes

Mark Brunson

Dynamics of social-ecological systems

Phaedra Budy

Aquatic ecology, native fish conservation biology,food web dynamics

David Byers

Zooarchaeology, lithic analysis, Quaternary paleontology, paleoecology

James H. Cane

Bees, Pollination, Foraging Ecology, Fire, Bee Community Ecology

Michael R. Conover

Resolving conflicts between humans and wildlife

Professor, Wildland Resources

D. Layne Coppock

Human-Environment Systems, Pastoralism, Risk Management

Michael Cortez

Theoretical ecology and population biology, Eco-evolutionary dynamics, Predator-prey and host-pathogen systems

Martha Crump

Behavior, ecology and conservation of amphibians

Johan du Toit

Ecology and conservation of large mammals in terrestrial ecosystems

Thomas C. Edwards, Jr.

Spatial ecology, landscape ecology, wildlife habitat and vegetation modeling

Jim Ehleringer

Stable isotope ecology, urban ecology, water and carbon cycles

Joanna Endter-Wada

Human ecology; human hydrology; water law and policy; urban ecosystems

S.K. Morgan Ernest

Community ecology, macroecology, long-term ecological research

Edward W. Evans

Population and community ecology of insects

Courtney G Flint

Natural resource and community sociology, interdisciplinarity, & socio-ecological systems

Associate Professor, Dept of Sociology, Social Work & Anthropology

Area of research: Physiological Ecology

Eric M. Gese

Behavior, ecology, and management of coyotes, wolves, and foxes in North America

Robert Gillies

Meteorology and geography

Paul Grossl

Soil Chemistry, Soil Fertility/Testing, Soil Management/Sustainability

Charles P. Hawkins

aquatic ecology, macroecology, biodiversity, ecological assessment, watershed science

Mevin B. Hooten

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

Jeffery S. Horsburgh

Watershed hydrology, water quality, environmental engineering, environmental information systems

Peter D. Howe

Human-environment geography, climate change and natural hazards, risk perception, spatial analysis

Kristin Hulvey

Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, ecosystem services, restoration ecology, invasion biology -

Nancy Huntly

Community, evolutionary, and human ecology

Douglas Jackson-Smith

Natural resource sociology, human dimensions of coupled systems

Astrid Jacobson

Soil chemistry/Biogeochemistry

Paul Jakus

Natural resource and environmental economics, regional economics

Michael J. Jenkins

Forest Vegetation Disturbance Ecology and Management

Jiming Jin

Regional Climate Modeling

Research interests: Hydro-meteorological Modeling

Scott B. Jones

Soil physics, environmental instrumentation

Karen Kapheim

Evolutionary Genomics and Behavioral Ecology

Karin M. Kettenring

Wetland ecology, restoration, & management; plant ecology; invasive species

Roger Kjelgren

Tree water stress and use physiology in natural and managed systems

Chris Lant

Professor & Department Head

Shujuan Li

Landscape ecology, land-use & land cover change

W. Dave Liddell

Sedimentology, paleoecology and marine ecology

James N. Long

Forest ecology, Stand dynamics, Silviculture

Zhao Ma

Environmental Decision Making; Natural Resource Policy

Daniel MacNulty

Ecology, evolution, and behavior of predator-prey interactions

Frank J. Messina

Insect behavior and evolution, host-plant relationships

Karen E. Mock

Conservation genetics, molecular ecology

Christopher Monz

Recreation ecology, outdoor recreation, and wilderness management

Keith Mott

Stomatal physiology, plant carbon-water balance

Professor, Biology

Richard J. Mueller

Plant morphology and anatomy

Associate Professor, Biology Associate Dean of Science

Bethany Neilson

Surface water modeling, watershed hydrology

Jeanette M. Norton

Soil microbiology especially nitrogen cycling

Sarah Null

Water resource management, climate change

Diane Pataki

Role of vegetation and landscapes in urban planning design and sustainability

James A. Powell

Mathematical biology, connecting models and data, ecology of forest pests

Claudia Radel

Human/political ecology, land change science

Ricardo Ramirez

Integrated Pest Management, Insect Ecology

R. Douglas Ramsey

Remote Sensing, Landscape Level Monitoring, Landscape Ecology, Spatiotemporal Land Cover Modeling

Jennifer Reeve

Agroecology, soil quality, sustainable farming systems

Tammy M. Rittenour

Paleoclimatology, Geomorphology, Tree-ring studies, Geochronology

Paul Rogers

Aspen Studies, Monitoring, Biogeography, Disturbance Ecology

David E. Rosenberg

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Systems analysis, Water resources management, water management for environmental and ecological objectives, data management and visualization

Alan H. Savitzky

Herpetology; Chemical Ecology

Robert H. Schmidt

Human dimensions of wildlife, predator policy and sea turtles

Eugene W. Schupp

Plant Population Ecology, Restoration Ecology

John Shivik

Behavior and management of wolves, bears, cougars, and coyotes

Charles Sims

Valuation of recreational activities, bioeconomic modeling

John M. Stark

Biogeochemistry of Wildland Ecosystems

Kimberly A. Sullivan

Avian behavioral and physiological ecology

Joseph Tainter

Social conflict in environmental issues, use of energy and resources, responses to climate change

Richard Toth

Bioregional planning, water resources

Helga Van Miegroet

Soil processes, nutrient cycling, and soil-plant interactions

Kari E Veblen

Plant community ecology, plant-herbivore interactions, restoration

Juan J. Villalba

Foraging behavior in herbivores and management

Carol D. von Dohlen

Phylogeny and ecology of insects and their endosymbionts

Shih-Yu (Simon) Wang

Climate Dynamics & Climate Change Mechanisms

Joseph Michael Wheaton

Ecogeomorphology, stream and river restoration

Ethan White

Quantitative & community ecology, macroecology, environmental informatics

Peter Wilcock

Department Head / Watershed Sciences

Wayne A. Wurtsbaugh

Limnology, Aquatic Ecology, Fish Ecology, Saline Lakes, Skiing

Bo Yang

Low-impact development , Green infrastructure , Environmental Planning Ecological Engineering

Julie Young

Predator ecology, behavior, spatial ecology