Foundations for Advancing Collaboration between Teachers and Students (FACTS)

ETE seeks to elevate and promote a culture of teaching excellence at USU by offering events and programs that engage instructors in scholarship on teaching and learning. There is increasing evidence that student-staff partnerships in higher education can benefit students, staff, and institutions (Bovill et al., 2016), while contributing to the success of underrepresented students in particular (Cook-Sather, 2018). The Foundations for Advancing Collaboration between Teachers and Students (FACTS) program provides up to $500 annually to instructors who want to improve their teaching through pedagogical partnerships with students. Early faculty are targeted in this program to help instill connections between new faculty members and their new institution. It also helps instructors establish a strong foundation in student-centered approaches to teaching and course design that they can build upon throughout their career. The program has four main objectives: 

  1. To foster partnerships between students and instructors, emphasizing students as co-constructors of learning
  2. To establish a sense of community between new faculty members and the USU academic community
  3. To provide a framework for ongoing reflection of teaching practices
  4. To evaluate the impact of student-faculty partnerships on teaching outcomes

FACTS scholars will be assigned a Student Collaborator on Teaching (SCOT) to work with throughout the award year. During bi-weekly meetings with SCOTS, the teaching partners will reflect on their recent lessons and assignments and co-create an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their current practices together with the SCOT. SCOTs will take notes during each of these reflective meetings, providing the instructor with a tangible product of reflection at the end of the academic year.

Fellowship Details

Applicants must be a current instructor at USU and have an instructor position ensured through the following academic year. Graduate students are not applicable for this award. Preference will be given to certain role statements that emphasize teaching. Statewide faculty are encouraged to apply. 

Preference will be given to instructors who are in their first three years of instruction at USU. 

Preference will be given to instructors of high-impact courses, including general education courses, high-enrollment courses,and/or courses with traditionally high DWF rates. 

FACTS scholars are expected to: 

  • Treat SCOTs with the dignity and respect of a colleague
  • Attend bi-weekly meetings with SCOTs
  • Submit a reflection of their experience as a teaching partner to ETE at the end of the award year
  • Provide feedback about program evaluation of FACTS and SCOTs for future iterations

Application Requirments

  1. C.V.
  2. Proposal: In a total of one-two single-spaced page(s), describe
    • why you are interested in participating FACTS
    • what you interpret as the role of students in teaching
    • what strength(s) you think you’d bring to this collaboration
    • what you hope to gain from this collaboration
    • what course(s) you will be teaching in the coming academic year


FACTS Contact

Inquiries about FACTS can be sent to the ETE Team via email: