There are many ways to support ETE's mission and promote a culture of teaching excellence at USU. Below are some of our most popular opportunities. Don't forget that participation in any of these activities counts toward a contribution-level badge in ETE10! Please contact us with any questions about how to get involved. 


Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence
The intent of this journal is to benefit faculty who teach by providing a place where they can share their ideas, practices, and research around teaching. The intended audience includes faculty and professionals at all institutions who teach, develop instruction, and conduct research related to teaching in higher education.

ETE Conference
Every August, ETE holds its annual conference at USU, and you can be a part of it! Presentations are faculty submitted, faculty led, and focused on teaching innovations that have worked well right here at USU. Topics and presenters span multiple disciplines and delivery formats.


Utah Teaching & Learning Group

The Utah Teaching and Learning Group (UTLG) is a collaboration of leaders from the centers for teaching and learning (CTLs) at Utah's post-secondary education institutions. The group shares resources, insights, and best practices that support each institution in its efforts to improve teaching and learning in its many forms. 


ETE Committees & Subcommittees
There are a number of ways in which instructors can get involved directly with ETE:
  • ETE Faculty Committee
  • ETE Subcommittee
  • ETE Executive Committee
  • ETE Ambassadors



T4L Conference

The annual Teaching for Learning (T4L) Conference is a great opportunity to contribute to USU's local community.


Peer Reviews & Course Observations
Through ETE, instructors across campus can get connected with other instructors who are willing to review their online courses or perform class observations (both online and in-person). Get on the list of instructors willing to perform these reviews, or ask for a review of your own materials/courses!



Open Access Book Series
Empower teaching together with Utah State University publishing have created an annual-release book series. This year's book, Resilient Pedagogy, focuses on teaching during times of distance, disruption, and distraction.