Amanda Willett

In this session, you will learn how the classroom is a place to support student wellness and at least one strategy they could employ to support student wellness in their classroom.

Aryn Kamerer and Brennan Bean

The goal of this session is to show that "ungrading" strategies in STEM courses are not only possible, but may actually be preferable for promoting student success. The session will hopefully spark some ideas about how to go about implementing this in cla...

Brenna Decker

In this session, you will learn how an upper-level ANTH/BIOL cross-listed course implemented the practice of ungrading and student-guided learning objectives within the museum studies field to facilitate positive peer engagement and co-learning.

Chad Mano

In this session, you will learn about various approaches to accommodations for late assignment submissions and things to consider when choosing a no-questions-asked policy for your class. You may find a new approach that fits your course and helps student...

Jillian Morley and Dannon Loveland

Participants will better understand the importance of incorporating career development into the classroom and reflect on opportunities and potential challenges that can come up while incorporating career development into the classroom.

Jim Arnold

In this session, you will learn what a studio course can look like in a university setting, the challenges and best practices in teaching a studio course, and how to balance in-person and online learning activities.

Julia Gossard and Chris Babits

In this session, participants will learn about the new teaching publication and resource, Habits of Mind: Designing Courses for Student Success. Participants will gain a deeper understanding and examples of habits of mind teaching to incorporate into the...

Sarah Tulane, et al

Participants will explore ways to modify learning environments in a way that helps students respond to intrinsic motivation, build self-efficacy, and focus on mastery-level learning. We will introduce various ideas and teaching practices associated with a...

Sean Camp and Susan Egbert

In this session, you will build an understanding and recognition of trauma-reactive behavior in students and the impact of trauma on student success in academics, activities, and relationships. You will also learn strategies to self-assess, plan for, and ...

Shelley Arnold

In this session, you will learn 1) What new events ETE will be offering, 2) Changes to the ETE10 program, and 3) Individual professional development opportunities provided to USU instructors.

Amanda Deliman

In this session, you will engage in social emotional learning and wellness practices to use in you classrooms, consider ways to enhance the individual and collective well-being students, and explore social emotional learning practices that build community...

Andy Harris

In this session you will learn about the pedagogical benefits to using video discussions, see feedback from students who have used video discussions and learn how to implement video discussions into your own courses.

Jeremiah Sievers

The purpose of the panel is to provide the audience a perspective of our Division I student-athletes in Logan, UT. Discussion will navigate in the following areas: Compare and contrast from high school athletics to Division I athletics Academic colleg

Jim Arnold

In this session, you will learn what a studio course can look like in a university setting, some of the challenges and best practices in teaching a studio course, and how to choose an appropriate balance of in-person and online learning activities.

Karin deJonge-Kannan and Kallen Brunson

In this session you will learn about helping students make international connections. You will learn five ways to help students pursue study abroad and internationalize your curriculum at USU. These approaches help students develop new activities, roles, ...

Lezlie Christensen Branum

In this session, you will learn about USU's Writing Fellows Program, a resource available to faculty who assign writing in their courses. After leaving the session, you will understand how the program works and how to request Writing Fellows as embedded p...

Mariah Pace Spencer

In this presentation, you will learn five teaching strategies that can be easily implemented in an undergraduate classroom. You can then develop a lesson introduction that uses one of the teaching strategies and identify one project in your course content...

Sara M. Freeman and Megan Raddatz

In this session, you will learn about the pedagogical concepts of desirable difficulty and productive struggle to help students become more well-positioned for success, especially in upper-level courses with a high degree of difficulty.

Sepideh Mohammad Raei Naeini, et al

Our objective is to help the audience comprehend the science behind lecture pauses. Attendees will witness how these pauses improve student engagement and learning outcomes and gain practical tools and insights to enhance their teaching and improve studen...

Sophia Hessami and Erica Finch

In this session, you will learn about the mentor-reviewed model used by Curiosity journal, and how you can support your undergraduate students during their first academic publishing experience.

Zoe Dalley, Mina Weeks, Keegan Waller, and Marianne Hale

In this session, you will learn how to use journal writing as a retention strategy, tool to practice critical thinking, and a space to inspire student confidence in a variety of disciplines. Additionally, you will learn how to implement and assess Learnin...

Josi Russell

In this session, you will learn what a story-based course is and how to leverage the stunning power of story in your classroom. Engage your students in new ways by designing your classes as adventures!

Marlene Graf

Participants will be able to better identify research-supported benefits of active learning environments, common concerns and misconceptions of students regarding active learning, and common beliefs and obstacles that instructors report.

Harrison Kleiner and Heidi Kesler

In this session, you will learn how to make your syllabus more welcoming and how to access the SEP's First-Day Toolkit for other syllabi ideas. You will leave with specific changes you can make to your syllabi to better create a sense of belonging for you...

Lin Bennion, Alex Sundt, and Lianne Wappett

In this session, you will learn approaches for integrating research methods into a case-based, team project, how teachers and librarians can collaborate to improve student experiences, and how to iterate team projects to be more engaging and relevant to p...

Marlene Graf

Participants will learn about certain design elements and specific tools in Canvas that are correlated with improved student engagement and performance.

Andreas Wesemann

In this session you will learn about mentoring student clubs, creating networking opportunities for students, why networking matters, what digital native students need in mentoring, and where you can document teaching outside the classroom.

Christian Bolander and Marlene Graf

Participants will learn more about the benefits and challenges of an ungraded, project-based approach, especially in courses that are large-enrollment, science-based, and/or freshmen-level.

Elena Taylor

You will learn about writing tasks that promote student reflection on the course material and their own performance: writing reflective journals, reflections on writing assignments, reflections on teacher and peer feedback, writing-to-learn activities, an...

Heidi Kesler and Chloe Ridenhour

In this session, you will learn about USU's first-generation students, including their demographics; retention data as it applies to USU's first-generation students; and specific actions that help first-generation students achieve their goals of completin...

Katie Kraus and Stacy Bevan

In this session, you will articulate the student’s role of becoming a learner; identify ways faculty can create environments that facilitate relationship building; and select activities to implement into your courses that support students becoming learner...

Katie Kraus

In this session, you will learn what resources are available (at USU, in Utah, and nationally) to support undergraduate research; ways to incorporate undergraduate research mentoring; and strategies for mentoring undergraduates outside the classroom.

Lisa Gabbert

In this session, you will learn 3 short-term, 3 medium-term, and 3 long-term strategies to make your class more inclusive and accessible.

Rachael Wagner

In this session, you will learn about the role of administration in student success, and how administrators from varying departments can work together to better support student populations in their college journeys.

Lauren Hunt

As a land-grant institution, part of our mission as a university is to provide access to learning for all. This means that many of our freshmen come to campus not adequately prepared with the study skills they need to succeed in college. As faculty, we of...

Jillian Morley & Joseph Banks

Over the past year, the Career Design Center, formerly Career Services, has been very busy reimagining and redesigning career education at Utah State University. Based on national trends, research, data, feedback from the Utah State University (USU) commu...

Sam Clem

Most articles in academic journals go through a process of scholarly review, where peers in the field give feedback on the article and recommend it to be accepted, revised, or rejected by the publisher. While this review process is considered a pillar of ...

Christopher Phillips & Jared Colton

One consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic has been more students accessing content remotely, without access to the technology and other resources available on campus. Students from underrepresented groups have been disproportionately affected, something th...

Community Engaged Learning Panel

Please join us for a jam-packed session on Community-Engaged Teaching and Research. Get the nuts and bolts of Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) course development, learn about AggiePulse, the new Community Engagement platform, and have your questions answ...

Dan Holland

Students are frequently asked to achieve, on their first attempts, stellar results on high-stakes, high-pressure assessments. New research on the science of learning is beginning to show us that this strategy does not work well, though, because it is not ...