August 19, 2020

"What's New?": Things to look forward to from ETE


ETE has grown and expanded at a rapid pace over the past year to respond to the changing environment in higher education. To better equip our instructors with the tools necessary to succeed, the ETE program has evolved and grown. This session will focus on the changes the Office of Empowering Teaching Excellence has made to their program since Spring 2021 and will detail the new program and professional development opportunities available to USU instructors for the coming academic year.

*Participants will learn what new programs ETE will be offering including our book series and winter seminar.
*Participants will learn the changes to the ETE10 program, including badges and tracks.
*Participants will learn individual services provided to USU instructors.

Lisa GabbertShelley Arnold

ETE Instructor Coordinator

Shelley is the Instructional Coordinator for the division of Empowering Teaching Excellence at Utah State University. Her position focuses on instructor development at the University. While having experience teaching several lecture, capstone, broadcast and lab classes, Shelley's primary role has been developing USU's foundational geography course online. This class uses active learning strategies, e-technology, and custom design tools to create architecture of engagement to increase student success.