August 19, 2020

Learning Strategies Lift Students

Room: LSB 231


Students feel more confident in college courses when they know how to learn effectively. Incorporating learning strategies into class can lift student performance (Flippo, 2009) and transfer to other courses. In this session we will go over several evidence-based learning strategies that you can easily apply to your class. Examples include: time management semester planners, Cornell note taking method formats, Annotating textbooks, and test preparation strategies. With the adjustments of the Academic Support Services, there were lessons learned ­­­­­­with taking the strategies to where the students were. The lessons kept are the strategies that remain the same, however the way they are delivered has changed to be more effective. Lessons coming: how effective will this approach become? Students should be using the most effective strategies for their academic success. The way to spread that message is through more class experiences.

*Participants will learn to identify learning strategy resources at USU.
*Participants will learn to reflect on the challenges presented in a class.
*Participants will learn to apply a learning strategy experience in class that will address the challenge.

Lisa GabbertMelanie Chambers

Learning Specialist

Melanie Chambers has a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts, with a minor in English. Her master's degree was in the Education school counseling program. That is where she interned teaching 1730 "Strategies for Academic Success". She has been teaching at USU for 7 years now. She learned so many things that she wished she could have applied as a student. Now her mission is to teach these strategies to students when they can really use them!