August 19, 2020

Interweaving Success Skills & Content: How to Better Meet Students Where They Are

Room: ESLC 053


Many students struggle to learn new academic skills when they enter higher education. This situation has been made worse the last few years as students have experienced significant upheaval in their education. Students who have done well in high school or those that have been impacted by changes to their educational experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic may begin to fall behind, get discouraged, and lose confidence in their academic abilities. As a result, many instructors often wrestle with the tricky balance of supporting students in academic skill development or catching students up without compromising the time needed to cover important course content. Many resources are available to help students acquire new academic skills and develop a growth mindset. Still, it's often challenging to connect the right students to the right resources. One solution is to integrate academic skill development with course content. In this session, four experienced university faculty members will discuss specific strategies and methods they have used to integrate academic skills into their courses that have developed from necessity over the last few years. A variety of examples, ranging from philosophy to nutrition, will demonstrate how academic skill development can be integrated in any course. Participants will leave this session with tools and strategies that they can immediately utilize within their own courses.

*Participants will learn more about academic skill development in higher education.
*Participants will better understand some of the obstacles that students struggle with and why they may not seek out resources on their own.
*Participants will ways to integrate academic skills into their course.

Lisa GabbertJennifer Grewe

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jennifer Grewe is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at USU. She has taught introductory psychology, health psychology, and first-year experience courses and has taught face to face and online. In 2019, she was awarded the CEHS Teacher of the Year. Her research interests include student success and outcomes and the teaching of psychology.

Marlene Graf

Lisa Gabbert

Professional Practice Associate Professor

Marlene Israelsen Graf is a registered dietitian and Professional Practice Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences at USU. She has taught courses in a variety of formats since 2007 and was the recipient of the Eldon J. Gardner Teacher of the Year Award in 2013.

Rose Judd-Murray

Lisa Gabbert

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rose Judd-Murray is an Assistant Professor in the Applied Sciences, Technology, and Education Department at USU. She directs the Non-Formal and Community-Based Education program that specializes in teaching and instruction that prepares students for careers in community education, outreach, volunteer leadership, and extension services.

Rachel Robison-Green

Lisa Gabbert

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rachel Robison-Greene is an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at USU. She teaches logic, metaphysics, and a variety of ethics courses. Her writing and research interests include the nature of personhood and the self with an emphasis on naturalizing our view of ourselves and our position on the planet.