August 19, 2020

Increasing student success by integrating career education into the classroom

Room: LSB 133


During the last several years of upheaval and change, equity become an increasingly important topic of focus and research in higher education. Studies have found that the number one reason students list for pursuing higher education is to get a better job. Students who don’t access career services are often those who would benefit the most. This has caused a rethinking in the way that career education is delivered to students from a service model which only reaches a small percentage of students to integration into the student experience. Faculty are in a unique position to promote career development in the courses they teach and help students to apply their classroom learning to experiential opportunities such as internships and career paths. Integrating career education into the student experience more strategically is one approach to work towards more equitable outcomes and student success.

Through this session, participants will learn about tools they can implement in their classroom to further integrate career education. Participants will hear from faculty that have applied successful career education components into their courses. We are excited to share strategies learned through the pandemic and identify ways for students to keep moving forward in the rapidly changing workforce.

*Participants will learn the importance of career education in the classroom.
*Participants will learn about tools/resources available to faculty that can be incorporated into the classroom.
*Participants will identify strategies to increase career education in the classroom that will compliment curriculum.

Lisa GabbertDannon Loveland

Career Design Specialist

Dannon Loveland has worked in higher education since 2010, career education since 2016, and since 2018 has been the course developer and instructor for the Integrated Studies capstone course, ISTU 4010: Career Design and Planning. Dannon is passionate about helping students discover and build the path from higher education to meaningful careers. Over his career, Dannon has taught and coached thousands of students in a variety of career development topics, from resume writing and interview preparation to networking and job search strategies. Even in his free time, Dannon enjoys reading about and exploring the future of education and the world of work.

Cindy Higgins

Lisa Gabbert

Education/Career Design Specialist

Cindy Higgins (Dine), currently serves as an Education/Career Design Specialist at USU Blanding. Her experience in working with Native American tribes and employers in economic development over the past 12 years lead her to establish the first Navajo Small Business Incubator. At her position with Tribal Colleges and University she also established strong relationships with employers and tech transfers with employers and energy businesses in the four corners. She proudly states that she is one of the few fluent Navajo Speakers who can speak professionally with tribal councils and communities. Currently she is creating a strong employer and tribal relationships for the USU Blanding campus and faculty.