August 19, 2020

Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence: Why Higher Ed Research Matters


We will discuss ETE's Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence (JETE) and why an openly available academic journal dedicated to higher education research is so important, especially now in our rapidly changing academic landscape. We will also inform attendees of the journal's history, purpose, and goals, including the importance of collaboration on this project and the ways we are continuing to change with changing times. We will also discuss the university community can be involved in JETE (as a reviewer and/or contributor).

*Participants will learn how to contribute research and reviews to the Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence, and further learn of opportunities to work with the journal in other capacities (such as reviewing articles relevant to your field and teaching interests).

Lisa GabbertJason Olsen

Associate Professor of English

Jason Olsen teaches composition, creative writing and literature at Utah State University Eastern. His book of poetry (Parakeet) was published in 2017 from BatCat Press and a book of comic scholarship (Mark Gruenwald and the Star Spangled Symbolism of Captain America, 1985-1995) was published by McFarland and Company in 2021. He is currently working on a creative writing textbook for Bloomsbury Press. He is the editor-in-chief of ETE's Journal on Empower Teaching Excellence after serving as the journal's assistant editor.

Nichelle Frank

Lisa Gabbert

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nichelle Frank is an Assistant Professor of U.S. History at Utah State University Eastern. She studies the effects of the U.S. environmental and historic preservation movements on cultural landscapes in intermountain mining towns from the nineteenth century to the present. Her courses include survey U.S. history courses, women in U.S. history, historical methods, and public history. Dr. Frank has also worked with organizations such as the National Council on Public History, HistoriCorps, the Public Lands History Center, and University of Colorado’s Center for the American West to bring a historical perspective to current affairs. She is the assistant editor of ETE's Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence.