ETE10: Earn Digital Badges and Certifications

Any one who teaches at USU, regardless of their role statement (for example, graduate instructors, lecturers, adjunct faculty, associate professors), can participate in ETE10. ETE10 is the Office of Empowered Teaching Excellence's Canvas course that allows instructors to earn digital badges and certifications. These badges and certificates document instructors' teaching improvement activities. All of the badges are awarded through Badgr, which is directly integrated into the Canvas course.

Pathways to Certification

Badges needed to earn ETE certificatesThere are three culminating certificates currently available through ETE: The Teaching Scholar Certificate, the Master Teacher Certificate, and the Explore College Teaching Certificate. The Teaching Scholar and Master Teacher Certificates are available to any instructor, while the Explore College Teaching Certificate is only available for graduate students. To be awarded these certificates, instructors must earn a total of 10 badges in ETE10. Badges are divided into three tiers: engage, implement, and contribute. Each certificate requires are certain number of badges from each tier.


Explore College Teaching Certificate

The Explore College Teaching Certificate is designed solely for graduate students at the University as a beginning to their instructor development. The certificate itself is focused around graduate student engagement with the varying ETE workshops/seminars/events around campus. This certificate is awarded by earning 5 engage level badges and completing the required assignments on the Graduate Student Track.

Teaching Scholar Certificate

The Teaching Scholar Certificate is designed to encourage engagement in instructor development through USU's many workshops and seminars that promote teaching excellence along with other external resources.  This primary certificate is awarded by earning 10 badges (6 engage, 3 implements, 1 contribute). There are two required badges: Plan Teaching Excellence Pathway (Engage) and  Teaching Philosophy (Implement).

Master Teacher Certificate

Prerequisite: Teaching Scholar Certificate
The Master Teacher Certificate is structured to enhance instructor development by requiring participants to contribute to ETE's mission to "elevate and promote our culture of teaching excellence." This secondary certificate is awarded by earning 10 more badges (4 engage,  3 implements, 3 contribute). There is one required badge, which involves presenting at the annual ETE conference.
All badges earned on the Master Teacher Certificate Pathway are in addition to those earned for the Teaching Scholar Certificate, totaling 20 badges overall.

How do I start earning digital badges?
To participate in the ETE10 pathways, you must first join the course by selecting the button below. You will not be able to complete badge submissions until you have joined the course.