Examples of our Work

The easiest way for us to explain what we do is by showing you. This isn't the limit of our work, but it is some of the more common types of videos we help produce. In conjunction with instructors, we help you know how to plan and execute high-quality instructional videos for your credit-bearing courses.

Video Examples


Introduction videos are a great way to let your students know who you are. You can let students know what you expect from them and what they have to look forward to in your course. It’s also a great way to cover your syllabus.


Demonstrations, tutorials, and step-by-step process videos can be created in the studio or on-location. It is a great alternative to in-class demos, especially when students are unable to get close enough to view the demonstration or experiment.


Interviews with subject matter experts are an engaging medium, especially with the rise of podcasts. Interviews and panels allow for subject matter experts to offer their authentic opinions. They can be informal and relaxed in a comfortable environment, or tailored toward a more traditional, professional, and structured question-and-response style.

Lecture Capture

We take a traditional screen capture lecture and apply a variety of recording techniques including green screen, on-screen annotation, and virtual whiteboards. This results in a more captivating medium and more engagement from students.

Event & In-Class Recordings

Sometimes a traditional class or guest speaker needs to be recorded and implemented into a course. This type of video is done when the instructional material cannot be re-created in a pre-produced video environment and must be captured live.

Innovative Content

If the video you envision isn’t listed here, we can collaborate on a custom video. Our production team is looking to create new and innovative academic content to better support instructors and students.

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