Included below are various reports, webinars, white papers, and other publications highlighting notable insights and practices that lead to student success at Utah State University.

“We knew that if wanted to get to the heart of student success, what prohibits student success and what supports it, we needed a more complete picture. Being able to consider a student’s entire experience is crucial. We want to examine the activities that can help us measure improvement with student success.”

Student Insights Reports

student insights report - fall 2020
student insights report - fall 2019

Other Reports/White Papers

advisor analytics
fostering analytics adoption


Webinar: Data Governance in the Age of Analytics

An Analytics-to-Action Webinar. Policies that support and empower a culture of data literacy and institutional optimization.

Webinar: The Strengths and Limitations of Predictive Analytics

An Analytics-to-Action Webinar. Core principles of the utilization of predictive modeling.

Webinar: Augmented Intelligence & the Ethics of Care

A toolkit of student outreach strategies that appropriately leverage predictive analytics.

Webinar: The Lifecycle of Sustainable Analytics

Moving from Data Collection to Change Management, including principles of data therapy, advocacy, and innovation.

Lifecycle Webinar Whitepaper

A companion to the webinar. Moving from Data Collection to Change Management.

Civitas Onsite Talk: Professional Empowerment

Here’s an unlikely headline: big data is necessary in the 21st century, but not sufficient for driving institutional effectiveness.

Webinar: Practical Analytics in Student Affairs Evaluation

A Summer Analytics Academy Webinar. Tracking the success of systematic changes made in student programming.

Webinar: Practical Analytics in Curriculum Complexity

A Summer Analytics Academy Webinar. An autonomy-supportive approach to reducing curriculum complexity using analytics.

Webinar: Practical Analytics in Advising Administration

A Summer Analytics Academy Webinar. Using change managment to deliver on the promise of analytics.

Other Publications

Various other CSA publications are available in the USU Digital Commons.

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