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Accepting Aid

How do I accept my financial aid on MyUSU?

If you have a Pell grant on your account, it has already been accepted for you. Registering for classes should activate the Pell grant automatically.

2019-20 Student Loan Instructions

  • If you want to accept different loan amounts for each term, please contact our office at 435-797-0173.

 Please note the following issues:

  • The Banner system will not allow you to accept an unsubsidized Direct loan if you have not accepted the subsidized Direct loan first.
  • If you only accept a partial amount of your Direct Subsidized loan, MyUSU will not let you accept any Direct unsubsidized loan. You will need to contact our office to re-offer the subsidized loan.
  • Federal Direct loans are charged between 1.0% to 1.5% in origination and guarantee fees. These fees are deducted from the loan before payment.

Please note the following about Pell grants:

The grant amounts on display are what you would receive if you are enrolled full time - 12 or more credits. However:

When you enroll, grants will prorate or adjust based on enrollment:

  • Full amount for 12 or more credits per semester
  • 3/4 amount for 9-11 credits per semester
  • 1/2 amount for 6-8 credits per semester
  • 1/4 amount for 1-5 credits per semester

In addition to the rules above, Pell grants below a certain amount have additional rules:

  • Full-time Pell grants below $326/semester will only pay if you are enrolled 12 or more credits.
  • Full-time Pell grants below $423/semester will only pay if you are enrolled 9 or more credits. The 9 credit amount will be less than the full-time amount.
  • Full-time Pell grants below $623/semester will only pay if you are enrolled 6 or more credits. The 6 and 9 credit amounts will be less than the full-time amount. 

Students who have received 12 or more full-time semesters of Pell grant are no longer eligible for Pell grants. Your Pell grant award, if any, may be reduced or cancelled as you get close to the 12 full-time semester limit. We will notify ineligible recipients of any changes or cancellations.

Please note the following about federal student loans

Student loan eligibility will be based on enrollment status:

Loans require a minimum of six credits for undergraduate and five credits for graduate students.

Direct loans require online counseling and promissory notes, if this is your first time receiving them at USU. If you need to complete these steps you will see requirements on your financial aid To-Do List. Some requirements may show up later after the loan has been certified.

What to do after you've been awarded:

  1. Review your financial aid offer.
    You can review your awards on MyUSU after we notify you. If your family's financial circumstances have changed due to extenuating circumstances or if you have unusual expenses, please contact your financial aid counselor to discuss an appeal. Extenuating circumstances might include the loss of a job, child care expenses, high out-of-pocket medical expenses, added expenses for computer and school supplies etc. 
  2. Register for classes.
    You must be enrolled in semester based classes to receive financial aid. Federal loans require at least six credits of enrollment. Year-long independent study classes do not qualify for financial aid. USU approved study abroad programs may qualify for aid.
  3. Check your charges - Don't lose your classes. 
    Your accepted financial aid funds will be automatically applied to your charges. Check your account summary on MyUSU after you accept your awards. If you owe more than the estimated or pending financial aid, you must pay the balance before fee-payment deadline to prevent your classes from being dropped. Please note: loans require additional steps before they pay automatically.
  4.  Receive remaining funds by mail or direct deposit. 
    If you have remaining financial aid funds, a check will be sent to your mailing address during the first week of class. Or, you can arrange to have the funds deposited into your checking account by setting up direct deposit on MyUSU (after you login select "Financial Aid" then select "F. Direct Deposit" - provide the requested information and save.)


 Your award is based on information reported on the FAFSA and may be revised if errors were made.