Report Description
Cashier's Receipt The Cashier's Receipt report can be used to search for any transaction that was taken to the Cashier's window.
Budget Report by Index The Budget Report is similar to the Budget Status report in ePrint or FGIBDSR in Banner INB. The report provides drilldown functionality to the detail. The detail comes from the source whether it's a feed from Student, HR, P-Card or EZ-Buy.
Budget Report by Dept The Budget Report by Dept will list all transactions of one specific department based on a time frame specified.
Report Description
Capital Equipment The Capital Equipment report will show all equipment that costs $5,000 or more by fund.
Report Description
Inception-to-date Grant Report The Inception-to-date Grant Report is for PI's to look at their active grants. The report provides an available balance glance, along with several drill downs.
Terminating Grant Terminating Grants will give you a list of grants that are terminating within a certain time frame.
Report Description
Organization Hierarchy and Approvals View Indexes within a Unit, Department, or College along with the approval setup for the different Finance systems.
User Permissions The User Permissions report can be ran to find out what security permissions users have into the different Finance systems.
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