AFS Courses and Tracks

Know The Potential Within AFS

Aggie First Scholars provides the framework to recognize and develop the success of our first-generation college students. With opportunities earn USU credit, as students move through different tracks, we invite our Aggie First Scholars to join us in our program curriculum. 

Aggie First Scholars | USU 1050

Becoming a lifelong learner and developing into a scholar is a main goal of the AFS program. We want our Aggie First Scholars to be equipped with the skills and resources that can bolster their academics.

Through USU 1050, Aggie First Scholars will be able to...
1. Identify and connect with peers at USU
2. Identify and reflect on the foundational principles of "Becoming a Learner"
3. Assess their strengths by participating in the Strengths Finder Test and guided coaching
4. Interview and discuss the hidden curriculum of higher education with a First Scholars Faculty
5. Identify and complete scholarship applications articulately
6. Attend AFS events and gain further insight through peer discussions
7. Create a group video about recognizing their potential as a first-generation college student

AFS Mentors | USU 2160

Building on the skills learned as a Scholar, our AFS Mentors will prepare and apply foundational leadership and mentoring principles to succeed as leaders on our campus. We want our AFS Mentors to be competitive applicants for student employment and leadership positions as they continue their college journey.

Through USU 2160, AFS Mentors will be able to...
1. Develop meaningful connections with Scholars assigned to their mentoring group
2. Critically examine their mentoring plan to integrate personalized communication and engagement for their Scholars
3. Explain the theory and principles of leadership, mentorship, and student develop and apply it to their positions
4. Actively demonstrate and role-model core competencies (from AACU and NASPA) as a mentor
5. Evaluate the theory, skills, and application learned through each semester of USU 2160 and slect completed assessment toools to use for scholarship, internship, and job applications